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29 Ultra Famous Actors Who Appeared In Tiny Roles People Never Noticed Until Now

Lady Gaga was in The Sopranos?!?

Recently we asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what ultra famous celebs they were shocked to see in a movie or TV show. Here are just some of the submissions!

1. Steve Carell as a snooty waiter in Curly Sue:

Steve looking judgemental in a suit

2. Jon Favreau as a birthday party clown on Seinfeld:

Jon as a clown next to George

3. Rami Malek as the pro-bending waterbender Tahno on Legend of Korra:

Rahno leaning in towards Korra

4. Emma Stone as a girl who plays a mean prank on Reese in Malcolm in the Middle:

Emma Stone on the phone and computer on her character's bed

5. Bradley Cooper as a guy Carrie almost went home with on Sex and the City:

Bradley holds up a magazine with Carrie's face on it, asking "Is this you?"

6. Amy Schumer as Liz's stylist on 30 Rock:

Amy pulls back Liz's cheeks and says "I'm gonna get some tape"

7. Olivia Rodrigo as one of Jess's students on New Girl:

arrow pointing to Olivia next to two other girls behind Nick in Jess's office on New Girl

8. Pedro Pascal as Eddie, Buffy's acquaintance who got turned into a vampire she had to dust on Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

Buffy: "Recently voted most pathetic" Eddie: "Well, I'm lost, and I have a map, so..."

9. Octavia Spencer as the woman checking people into fights in Spider-Man:

Octavia tells Peter, "There's no featherweight division here, small fry"

10. Amy Adams as the purse salesperson Jim dated on The Office:

Amy next to Steve Carell as Michael

11. Jennifer Lawrence as a school mascot on Monk:

Jennifer dances as the mascot, then later takes the head off, saying, "I need a break"

12. Ben Affleck as an unnamed basketball player in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie:

Ben says "Take it, man"

13. Luke Perry as Billy in The Fifth Element:

Luke holding up a gun

14. Jason Seigel as a stoner at a party in Can't Hardly Wait:

Jason tells Jennifer Love Hewitt's character that Preston is tall

15. Leslie Jones as a woman in the salon on Girlfriends:

Leslie Jones tells Maya that her professor is stupid and Maya's essay saved her life, so Maya asks how she got her essay

16. Adam Scott as Griff Hawkins, head of the bullies, on Boy Meets World:

Adam Scott as Griff

17. Ryan Reynolds as the popular douchey guy Sabrina liked in the original Sabrina the Teenage Witch movie:

Ryan (as Seth) asks Sabrina how she likes Riverdale

18. Scarlett Johansson as Alex's sister Molly in Home Alone 3:

Molly shouts that Alex slammed the toilet seat down on his "thing" again

19. Megan Fox as a makeup counter worker on What I Like About You:

Megan Fox talking to Amanda Bynes, AKA Holly

20. Alison Brie as Jackson's girlfriend on Hannah Montana:

Alison talking to Mitchell Musso, AKA Oliver

21. Chris Evans as a high schooler who pulled a gun on his classroom on Boston Public:

22. Sebastian Stan as the Mad Hatter/Jefferson on Once Upon a Time:

23. James Earl Jones as one of the bombers in Dr. Strangelove

James Earl Jones on the plane radio as one of the bombers

24. Regé-Jean Page as one of Bill and Fleur's wedding guests in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — Part 1:

an arrow pointing to Regé-Jean Page in the background at the wedding behind Hermione and Molly

25. Oscar Isaac as the photographer/male villain’s assistant in All About The Benjamins:

Oscar looking angry

26. Shailene Woodley as Felicity in Felicity: An American Girl Adventure:

Shailene as Felicity next to the character's mother and sister

27. Chadwick Boseman as a magician in Castle:

28. Brie Larson as Abed's girlfriend in Community:

Brie next to Abed

29. And finally, Lady Gaga as a "Girl at Swimming Pool #2" in The Sopranos:

Lady Gaga laughing on the bleachers at the pool

Submissions have been edited for length/clarity.