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    21 Fourth Wall Breaks In TV Shows And Movies That Were Just Flawless

    I'll never forget when Fuller House broke the fourth wall to call out Mary-Kate and Ashley.

    Recently, we asked the BuzzFeed Community about their favorite fourth wall breaks and they had a ton of great responses — so we're back for another round! Here are 21 more amazing fourth wall breaks from TV shows and movies.

    1. On Boston Legal, when Alan told Denny he'd barely seen him all episode.

    Alan says to Denny, "There you are. Hardly seen you this episode."

    2. On Fuller House, when the cast referenced Mary-Kate and Ashley's fashion careers as the reason why Michelle hadn't returned to the series:

    Stephanie asks where her little sis is and Danny says she sends her love but is busy in NY running her fashion empire, then they all look into the camera

    3. On Buffy the Vampire Slayer, when Xander and Anya sang about their complaints about their relationship in "I'll Never Tell" to the camera, so that it felt like you were watching a live musical:


    4. On Orange Is the New Black, when Poussey looked at the camera at the very end of her last scene, a flashback that took place years before she died:


    5. On The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, when Will tricked Carlton into thinking he'd killed Lisa and Carlton ran around the entire set and even through the studio audience:

    Carlton running through different sets the show uses and the studio audience screaming "NO!"

    6. On Animaniacs, when the characters spoke over the credits complaining about their job/the people who work on the show:

    The characters saying, "I'm glad that's over!" and "I have a headache this big and it's got Warner Bros. written all over it!" then mocking the producers, calling them overpaid, credit-grabbing do-nothings
    Fox Kids

    7. On Glee, when Brittany "thought [she] was doing a voiceover" but was really just speaking to the camera:

    Brittany talks about planning a sham election to become senior class president while looking at the camera and Blaine walks up and asks who she's talking to. She says she thought she was doing a voiceover.

    8. In Call Me By Your Name, when Elio was staring in the fire at the end and glanced at the camera for a second:

    Sony Pictures Classics

    9. On The Simpsons, when Dr. Hibbert looked at the audience and asked if they could solve who shot Mr. Burns (but it turned out he was talking to Wiggum):

    Hibbert says, "Well, I couldn't possibly solve this mystery. Can you?" then looks at the camera

    10. On Family Guy, when Peter said that they were being canceled because Fox didn't have room for them anymore because they needed to focus on a bunch of other shows, then listed all these other shows, which all got canceled:

    Peter saying Fox canceled them because there wasn't any more room on the schedule, because they needed to make room for terrific shows like (lists canceled Fox shows), then says maybe if they ALL get canceled, "Family Guy" will have a shot

    11. On Phineas and Ferb, when Doofenshmirtz said it felt like the summer had been going on for four years (which was how long the show, which took place over a summer, had been going on at that point):

    Disney Channel

    12. On One Day at a Time, when Alex said there was nothing good on Netflix anymore, in a reference to the fact that Netflix canceled the show and they had to move to network TV:

    Penelope asks if they've decided what to watch for movie night and Alex replies that there's nothing good on Netflix anymore
    TV Land

    13. On Roseanne, when DJ was in therapy repeating, "They say she's the same, but she isn't the same," about Becky, as they swapped the actor multiple times in the series:

    DJ saying, "They say she's the same, but she isn't the same," and the doctor saying they may never know what that means, then pictures of the two different Beckys

    14. On Henry Danger, when the characters made sure to remind the young audience not to start fires:

    Henry asks if it's ok that they have a fire indoors and Henry says yes but only because he's an adult and he's there, and Henry clarifies that no kid should do this without adult supervision, then they all look at the camera

    15. In A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, when Mr. Rogers tells Lloyd to think about the people who have loved him into being, then the entire restaurant is silent for a minute while Fred looks in the camera:

    Fred says, "We'll just take a minute and think about all the people who loved us into being. Just one minute of silence," then it's silent for a minute and he looks at the camera
    Sony Pictures Releasing


    16. On Scrubs, when Carla wasn't into JD's suit and he said it only mattered if America loved it:

    JD saying, "Because all that really matters is whether or not America loves it," then looking at the camera

    17. On Community, when Abed said the only way they wouldn't be back for another season was if a meteor hit, and then looked at the camera and called it "canon":

    Abed: "We'll definitely be back next year. If not, it'll be because an asteroid has destroyed all human civilization. And that's canon" (looking at camera). Annie: "What? What are you...?" (frowning at camera)

    18. On Boy Meets World, when they referenced the fact that the network had changed the airtime of the show:

    The kid Topanga is babysitting asks to stay up and watch his favorite show, which used to be at 8:30 and is now at 9:30, and Corey gets heated, asking why they would change the time if it was doing well, and the kid says they're trying to kill it


    19. On Jane the Virgin, when the narrator revealed that he was an older version of Mateo:

    Mateo says Great Glamma said he'd be good at voiceover work, and the narrator says, "And for the record, I am"

    20. On Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, when a new character was introduced and everyone sang a song wondering why the show would introduce a new character:

    The characters sing, "Who's this new character?" and "Do we really need a new guy this far into the season?" and "Is this some sort of desperate move to help our ratings?" but then clarify their statements after to work with the plot
    The CW

    21. And finally, the entirety of Deadpool:

    20th Century Fox

    Got any more amazing fourth wall breaks? Let us know in the comments!

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