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    17 Stupid, Weird, Or Borderline Offensive TV Plots That The Writers Decided To Just Pretend Never Happened

    Thank god they dropped that whole Landry-killing-someone storyline on Friday Night Lights.

    Recently, we wrote about TV and movie storylines that were so bad, the writers pretended they never happened — and y'all had some great contributions in the comments! Here are 17 TV plots that vanished into thin air.

    1. When Rufus and Lily's son on Gossip Girl was completely erased and never mentioned again...likely because his existence made the Dan-Serena relationship feel a little incestuous:

    Scott to Rufus: "All my life, I wondered about my real parents. When I found out they were you and Lily, that you were back together and you were getting married, I guess I hoped that I'd found out that you gave me up 'cause you weren't ready"

    2. And when there was an entire convoluted storyline about Chuck trying to figure out who his mother was that ended with him wondering if his Uncle Jack was his father... Then it was never mentioned again:

    Chuck (looking at photo of his mom pregnant with him): "It's not who's my mom. It's who's my dad. Nate, I think Jack Bass is my father"

    3. When the reboot of Will and Grace decided the events of the last season — aka Will and Grace both having kids — were just a dream:

    Karen said she had "the craziest dream" where Will was living with a swarthy man in uniform and Grace was married to a Jewish doctor and they both had kids who grew up and got married to each other – Will and Grace say that never happened

    4. The whole Lily plotline on Once Upon a Time:

    Maleficent: "Regina and Emma are tracking my daughter as we speak. Soon I'll have her back, and the Savior will be just fine." Mr. Gold: "Really? Did you ever think that your Lilith might be the one who keeps Miss Swan on her dark path?"

    5. When the unpopular character Seven was introduced on Married With Children, then disappeared as if he'd never existed...except for a quick shot of him listed as missing on the back of a milk carton:

    milk carton with photo of Seven labeling him missing

    6. When Dwight was meant to inherit his aunt's farm on The Office in a spinoff idea that never happened after NBC rejected it:

    Dwight's aunt tells Dwight, Fannie, and Jeb that if they move home, she'll leave them her farm

    7. When the Futurama movie Bender's Big Score reversed the events of episode "Jurassic Bark," which was — while loved — often cited as one of the most depressing episodes of the series.

    Seymour dying of old age in front of the pizza place in Futurama "Jurassic Bark," and him with Fry in Futurama: Bender's Big Score

    8. When Landry killed someone on Friday Night Lights and then the storyline was completely dropped after it was received poorly:

    Landry realizes he killed the guy

    9. The entire Dean/Amelia relationship on Supernatural:

    Amelia tells dean "If you stay...against everything I believe in, I would be with you"

    10. Patrick Gordon's storyline on Downton Abbey:

    Gordon with his face bandaged

    11. When unpopular character Mark Brendanawicz got another job in Pawnee on Parks and Recreation, but was never seen again:

    Mark in promotional shot for the show

    12. When a woman claiming to be Anne Frank arrived at the asylum in American Horror Story: Asylum, and her storyline (of how she knew Arden) was never resolved:

    Sister Judy next to Charlotte/Anne and her husband

    13. When Jackson became selectman on Gilmore Girls in a rather underwhelming plotline, and then the next season Taylor was back to being selectman as if the election had never happened:

    Jackson is named the new town selectman

    14. And when Jason and Lorelai broke up because he was suing Lorelai's father...which was then never mentioned again:

    Jason: "I'm suing your father" Lorelai: "I can't be with someone who's suing my family"

    15. When new characters Marley, Kitty, Jake, and Ryder were introduced on Glee and took over the main cast, and then all got demoted or disappeared in the final season:

    Ryder, Marley, Kitty, and Jake on Glee

    16. When Phoebe discovered her mom's friend was her birth mom on Friends, and then the character disappeared:

    the older Phoebe tells main character phoebe that she's her mother to which she replies "huh?"

    17. And finally, when Samantha slept with Charlotte's brother on Sex and the City, leading to some problematic slut-shaming...then the brother literally disappeared from existence:

    Charlotte says to samantha "you slept with my brother" then her brother walks in

    Now for another question — what bad or stupid TV plotline do you *wish* was erased? Let us know in the comments!

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.