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    16 Actors Who Played Amazing LGBTQ Characters Before Publicly Coming Out Themselves

    "Playing a character who was so comfortable in who she was, it was inspiring [to me] in a way that I think a lot of other people watching the show have been inspired."

    1. Mae Whitman

    2. Adamo Ruggiero

    3. Kaylee Bryant

    4. Humberly González

    Humberly González as Sophie in Ginny & Georgia

    5. Sara Ramirez

    6. Jake Borelli

    Levi kisses Nico on Grey's Anatomy

    7. Keiynan Lonsdale

    8. Demi Lovato

    9. Sean Hayes

    10. Tyler Posey

    11. Joshua Rush

    12. Victor Garber

    13. Tyler Blackburn

    14. Zachary Quinto

    15. Maulik Pancholy

    16. And Finally, Janet Varney

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