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"It's Been Over 20 Years, But I'll Never Forget The Taste Of It": Non-Americans Are Sharing Their Absolute Favorite Things About Life And Culture In The US

"It was the first thing I ever ate in the US. It's been over 20 years now, but I'll never forget the taste."

Say what you will about the US, but there are a ton of upsides and incredible things that make this country unique. And as an American, I particularly love hearing what non-Americans admire about the states. So Redditor u/Ok_Willingness9282 asked, "Non-Americans only: what is one thing you really like about the States?" Here's what people had to say.

1. "I've visited 35 countries, but nowhere has better food than the US. The food diversity is phenomenal, and Americans have improved and even perfected many global cuisines. In Europe, there’s way too much focus on being 'authentic,' whereas in the US it really feels like a melting pot. The 'bastardization' of cuisines from around the world has actually elevated food to a whole new level."

Close-up of variation of dim sum in a restaurant.

2. "I like how Americans at least try to be friendly and help tourists out, unlike the blatant 'no' that most locals will give you where I'm from in the Netherlands."

3. "The portion sizes at restaurants are incredible! I’m a big eater so it was nice to visit the US and not need to order a starter to fill me up when I went out to eat."

Pancakes topped with strawberries and whipped cream.

4. "RV culture. The US is the most ideal place to own or drive an RV. The country is huge, the scenery is always changing, and the campsites are very well organized. What's not to love?"

An RV driving into the sunset.

5. "Your television shows, movies, music, and entertainment in general. Thank you for Parks and Recreation, Friends, 30 Rock, SNL, and Scrubs, America!"

6. "Sports culture, specifically the fact that high school and college sports are so organized. When I was younger, I honestly thought American sports was a thing made up just for TV. Then I got older and actually met some Americans who told me it's all real. I was shocked! It would’ve been great to have a sense of school spirit when it came to sports. I feel like I missed out on that."

7. "American diners and their huge portions of pancakes, bacon, and eggs galore."

Vintage padded bar stools in an American diner.

8. "Arby's curly fries. Sure, they might not be exclusive to the US, but I don't have this fast food restaurant where I live. I always make sure to go to Arby's for the fries when I visit the states."

An Arby's restaurant.

9. "The nature and the scenery. I spent about five weeks road tripping around the western US this year, and I loved all the sights and scenery. From the deserts in Mojave and the snowy depths of Grand Canyon to the red buttes of Monument Valley, the blooming fiends in Yosemite, and the glittering sea along Highway 1, it was all spectacular."

A view of Big Sur on Highway 1

10. "I appreciate the lofty ideals the US was created on, and that — broadly speaking — the people who live there still believe in and live by those ideals."

11. "The sandwiches. In America, there are so many glorious sandwiches like the Reuben, piled high with delicious corned beef on nice artisan bread. Philly cheesesteaks, thin-sliced ribeye dripping with salty, gooey provolone, and even the po'boy, a stunning creation."

Pastrami sandwich with cheese.

12. "The diversity. You'll find people from all around the world and because of that, food from all around the world. It’s amazing."

Halal chicken over rice.

13. "I love how over-the-top American holidays are. I’m not really into holidays, but I would like to experience Thanksgiving or Christmas US-style."

Christmas lights in suburban USA.

14. "The air is so clean in the United States. When you come from a country with massive amounts of pollution like I do (Beijing), you really appreciate blue sky and fresh air."

Sunrise at Yosemite National Park.

15. "I love the mentality that trying out new things is encouraged. If you succeed, great. If you don't, well, you got a new experience. Where I am from people will tell you that it's better to not do something because you may fail. Then if you do fail they say 'told you so' and don't trust you to take a risk again."

16. "The US has such a diverse geography. You get a little bit of everything: forests, deserts, mountains, you name it."

Red rock formations in Moab, Utah.

17. "I love US gas stations and the fact that they are like mini department stores. Also, I adore getting my coffee and fritters from there.

A gas station convenience store.

18. "Bacon. I am Indonesian, and the first thing I ate in the US was a few slices of American bacon at a hotel breakfast. It's been over 20 years now, but I'll never forget the taste."

Eggs, bacon, and toast.

19. "Americans seem to be very open, friendly, and positive. I've visited 23 states now, and I've always been surprised by how friendly the folks are (especially when I avoid the tourist spots). Here in London, everyone avoids social interaction with strangers, but even in NYC I found everyone to be friendly. Maybe I've just been fortunate, but the moment I ask directions with my Irish accent, I find myself chatting away with complete strangers."

20. "In the US, grocery stories have a whole aisle for cereal. It's something like 60 feet by 10 feet. In Bombay that's like the size of a school. American cereal is the best breakfast ever."

A cereal aisle in a US grocery store.

21. "The food! I'm from Singapore, and Good lord, you Americans cook as if it were the end of the world and you want a final luxurious meal for every single meal. The portions are incredible and the flavors are amazing."

Overhead view of friends dining at table with food in backyard.

22. "The variety of free museums! I have been living in the US for a couple of years now and the fact that you can just go and see some of the country's most valuable historical and cultural artifacts for free still blows my mind."

The National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C.

23. "The cities! Living in a metropolis in the US like New York or LA is insanely expensive, but it seems so wonderful to have so many diverse activities, cuisines, and experiences at one's fingertips."

Crowds of people on the streets of New York City.

24. "For the same price, I would get an order of fries back home, I can order a gigantic burger, fries, and a big ice tea in Florida...and don't get me started on free refills."

A burger and fries.

Non-Americans, what are your favorite things (or the things you'd love to experience) about life and culture in the US? Tell us in the comments!