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21 Unanswered Questions From '90s Music Videos

Two decades after Brandy vs. Monica, it's time we got some answers.

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1. Why does Baby Spice taunt this homeless man at the beginning of "Wannabe"?

Virgin / Via

She steals his hat! Who does that??

2. When Bryan Adams and Melanie C sing in "When You're Gone" about how much they miss each other...

A&M / Via they not realize that they're running around the same house?

Can't they hear each other slamming all those doors? Those walls ain't thick.

3. Did Alanis Morissette disinfect that seat before filming "Thank U"?

Maverick / Via

And did she disinfect it again afterwards?

4. What music executive signed off on the video for Eddie Murphy's "Whatzupwitu"?

Motown Records / Via

5. And were they fired shortly thereafter?

6. And how did they get Michael Jackson to be in it?

Motown Records / Via

7. And is it the best or the worst music video of all time?

Motown Records / Via

We really can't tell.

8. Why does Brian of the Backstreet Boys have a screaming fit when he finds this stuffed toy in "Everybody"?

Jive / Via

9. Were the members of the Bloodhound Gang ever sent to prison for "doing it like they do on the Discovery Channel"?

Jimmy Franks, Geffen / Via

Because they definitely drugged and kidnapped these women.

Jimmy Franks, Geffen / Via

And then also kidnapped this mime.

Jimmy Franks, Geffen / Via

And threw them all in a cage.

Jimmy Franks, Geffen / Via

And then killed the mime.

Jimmy Franks, Geffen / Via

It seems like there would be a pretty strong case for legal action tbh.

10. In "All Star", is Smash Mouth the Mother of Dragons?

Interscope / Via

11. Why did Barbie Girl say she was having "so much fun" immediately after Ken ripped her arm off in "Barbie Girl"?

Universal Music Denmark, MCA / Via

The people have the right to know.

12. In "Say You'll Be There", why do the Spice Girls keep destroying glass beakers in the desert?


Like, was that a thing in the 90s?

13. And why does this man turn up with his fly down?


Was that a thing???

14. And why do the Girls then chain him to the ground and torture him with a glowing orb?


Is it misandry?

15. Shouldn't the girl in Ricky Martin's "Livin' the Vida Loca" be wearing a seatbelt?


And keep your eyes on the road, Ricky.

16. What's up with the trumpet player in TLC's "Creep"?

LaFace / Via

Whatchu doin back there bro?

17. Why is The Verve's lead singer Richard Ashcroft such a passive aggressive asshole in "Bitter Sweet Symphony"?

Hut / Via

18. What are trying to prove by barging into all of these people, Richard?

Hut / Via

19. Like, what did this lady do to you to deserve this?

Hut / Via

"Oh, I'm such a rebel."


20. Why would anyone date two women who lived literally right next to each other like the guy in Brandy and Monica's "The Boy is Mine"?

Atlantic, Arista / Via

21. But more importantly, whose boy WAS it?

Atlantic, Arista / Via

It's time we got some answers.