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28 Things You'll Understand If You're Both British And American

Two passports and a creepy accent.

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1. Chances are you're a dual citizen, and you feel way too proud of having two passports and feeling like a spy.

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Also you can't pronounce "dual" properly in either country, but settle for something halfway between both accents, which sounds pretty dumb.


5. Or when Brits judge Americans for not travelling abroad, because just look at America!

Matt Artz / Via Flickr: matt-artz

There's a lot to see without even leaving the country. That's just a casual, magnificent-ass waterfall in Yellowstone National Park.


10. And if you ever got used to hugging people hello in America, the next time you were in Britain you probably made some people very unhappy.


Look, there are less ways to go wrong with a hug than a kiss, can we please all agree?


16. Whether your parents are British in America or American in Britain, emigrating probably enhanced their patriotism about whichever country they left.

17. Also, if you have British parents in America, they're probably pretty freaked out by American high school graduation ceremonies.

20th Century Fox

And middle school graduation ceremonies, and elementary school graduation ceremonies, and preschool graduation ceremonies...

18. You know that British people just don't understand bagels.

If bagels were British (not pictured: people putting BUTTER ON PLAIN BAGELS AND THEN PUTTING THEM IN THEIR MOUTHS)

19. But also that Americans don't know how to drink.

Can we all establish that the pub near where I live has flooded and there's 2 guys drinking a pint like nouts wrong


20. (They also suck at tea obviously.)

Imagine falling in love with someone and then finding out they make cups of tea this colour

23. But if you sound American, British people have trouble knowing when you're being sarcastic, because it all comes out sincere.

I just can ever recognize the tone in an American accent .. You joking, laughing, serious talk, pissed of talk, sarcasm WHAAAT

This leads to them assuming you're dumb, mean, or both.


24. In any case, you often don't know what word belongs to what dialect.

I get by with a little help from my friends. @FloPerry

25. Not to mention that you have some very specific and strange gaps in your knowledge about BOTH countries.

Some British things I have taught/explained to my American housemate @hcjewell in the last few weeks: Boyzone, woodlouse, soured cream.

26. But on the plus side, you can call things (or people) either garbage, trash, OR rubbish depending on the specifics of the situation.