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I'm Gonna Ask You 40 Questions About How You Speak — Then I'll Guess Exactly Where You Live

Have you ever told someone to "shut the lights"?

SO, I'm pretty confident I can guess where you live...

Hide the Pain Harold, famous meme man, looking curious

The following questions were inspired by two nationally conducted surveys: Bert Vaux's and Scott Golder's Harvard Dialect Survey, and Burt Vaux's and Bridget Samuels' UWM Dialect Survey.

The goal of these surveys was to take stock of the differences in language, pronunciation, and word choice in different regions, big and small, across the United States.

The takeaway: Even the simplest, everyday things might be called something completely different just miles from where you live. So I wanted to see if I could take some of the data collected from these surveys and try to guess where YOU live.

It'll take 40 questions, but I think I can do it — oh, and don't forget: There are no right or wrong answers. The only requirement is honesty.

Are you ready?