Ed Miliband Has Developed A Small But Growing Fandom Of Teen Girls

The #Milifandom started as a joke, but is taking on a life of its own.

1. This is 17-year-old student, Twitter user, and Ed Miliband enthusiast Abby.

3. She has nearly 11,000 followers.

4. When she is not busy revising for exams, she is leading a strange but wonderful cabal of teen girls called the “Milifandom”.

6. For those who don’t know, a “fandom” is what you call it when a group of teens fall so desperately in love with a TV show, actor, band, YouTube star, or other charismatic personality that they start doing things like this:

8. And saying things like this:

i love ed miliband so much it is painful

— aisha. (@theurbanangel_)

if I ever met ed miliband I could die happy tbh, he's cool

— chloe (@dotheLokiKoki)

If @Ed_Miliband followed me I would probably cry haha

— Sophie Phillips (@Sophiephilips1)

I've sent a screenshot of an Ed Miliband life size cutout (available on Amazon!) to at least three people tonight, hinting, desiring,wanting

— Mel (@melsmotion)

Basically, imagine the kind of all-consuming hormonal hysteria that lifted the likes of One Direction and Justin Bieber to superstardom. It is a gift, and a powerful one, that teenagers can give to the world. And this week, they have given that gift to Ed Miliband.

14. The Milifandom began just last week – with this exchange between two teen friends Jen and Chlo introducing the word “Milifandom” for the first time to Twitter.

@jennifergracef yes jen !! the #milifandom will grow stronger every day

— chlo (@s3ctumsempra)

15. The Milifandom spread quickly, as many Milifans started to follow Ed himself on Twitter.

this all started out as a joke but now i think i legitimately fancy ed miliband

— ellie✨ (@elliegalaxies)

when u say u don't love ed miliband ur not only lying to yourself but also the whole population of this planet we call home

— delfina (@derrenbrowns)

17. They are changing their Twitter photos and bios to give more space to express their love for Ed.


18. Others have just casually added Ed’s name next to their other heroes. Like Harry Potter and Zayn.


So now these teen girls – who usually focus their energies on the likes of Tom Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberbatch – are redirecting their obsessive interest in the pursuit of Ed Miliband.

20. And this is what that looks like:

Thinking about ed miliband

— rosie (@rosalind_dunn)

all i want in life is to be friends with ed miliband

— amy !!!!! (@cornfIakeharry)

year 8s were arguing about the election on the way home from school and one of them chanted "ED MILIBAND, ED MILIBAND" and i was like me too

— amy !!!!! (@cornfIakeharry)

why is ed miliband slowly turning into the love of my life

— chlo (@s3ctumsempra)

24. Abby – who gained her following as a fangirl of Tom Hiddleston and Marvel Comics – told BuzzFeed News she hopes the Milifandom will help lift Ed’s spirits.

“We just want to change opinions so people don’t just see the media’s usual distorted portrayal of him - and actually see him for who he is. Ed is just a great guy and how many other politicians have a fandom? 0. We’re just waiting for him to acknowledge it bc it’s kinda sad when he only ever sees people write mean things about him.”

Peter Macdiarmid / Getty Images

26. What does she think he’d be like in real life?

“I think he’s brilliant! Very down to earth, geeky, trips over things a lot, helps old ladies across the street, that sort of thing.”

27. But it’s not only about making Ed feel better. Abby supports Labour, and is annoyed that she can’t yet vote.

“I can’t have a say in what happens in my own country! And labour is why I love Ed, I’m a party member and I think they truly are the way forward. If it was up to them, I would allowed a voice.”

Her parents don’t support Labour, and have no idea their daughter is the leader of the ever-growing Milifandom.

What would they think if they found out?

“I think they’d disown me,” she said.

Peter Macdiarmid / Getty Images

30. The fandom has gone international.

I don't even live in the UK but my tl is making me labour/Ed Miliband af rn

— gabi (@johnlocktrash)

Who the fuck is Ed Miliband and why is half my timeline fangirling 'bout the said person

— clint barton char (@CHRlSBAEVANS)

33. It’s all getting a bit…weird.


— Stayin' alive |Ellie (@consultingcake)

ed miliband can cut my deficit

— charl (@arcticharl)

im going to bed (b)ed miliband

— charlie (@hipsterferre)

37. It can safely be said that the teens have gone wild – ironically at first, but slowly descending into the type of genuine, lustful madness that only Ed can inspire.


— Mel (@melsmotion)

11:11 ed miliband

— ellie✨ (@elliegalaxies)

would ed miliband block me if i called him daddy

— charlie (@hipsterferre)

41. People are combining their new Milifandom with their other fandoms.

Me when Tom Hiddleston tweets

— anna rosé (@KingTHiddy)

@elliegalaxies same tho

— Alison (@alisonfilly)

43. It’s getting slightly intense.


— deni (@madsmikklsen)

i am not ready for school tomorrow n people talking about ed miljband ive got politics on friday fsfsfhhhhfsh

— bethany | PLEASE ED (@poppunkcutforth)


— bethany | PLEASE ED (@poppunkcutforth)


— ellie✨ (@elliegalaxies)

48. This is serious, people.

the ed miliband careless whisper vine needs to be played at my birthday, wedding AND funeral

— steph (@grrrlpower_)

49. (That’s this Vine.)

50. Ed Miliband is taking over these teenagers’ lives.

can i be 18 so i can go and vote for ed pls

— katie // revision (@cumberphan)

if mum doesnt vote ed im leaving home

— katie // revision (@cumberphan)

i keep spelling miliband with two l's im such a fake fan

— katie // revision (@cumberphan)

how do i break it to my mum that im ed miliband af

— katie // revision (@cumberphan)

55. Some of the Miliband obsession does, at least, seem to be paying off.

i might get an apprenticeship bc ed miliband wants me too

— amy !!!!! (@cornfIakeharry)

just sent off my application for an apprenticeship!!!! ed miliband would be proud 👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼

— amy !!!!! (@cornfIakeharry)

58. Meanwhile, David Cameron’s teen girl fandom has yet to rear its head on Twitter.

OMG I'm actually crying at how Ed Miliband has got a fandom smh David Cameron what you looking at where are your fans at??

— neelam (@silencewillfaII)

59. But Abby, in the end, only wants what any reasonable teen girl would.

I just want Ed to acknowledge my existence

— abby (@twcuddleston)

60. Follow Abby here to keep up with the Milifandom.


Abby’s wish has come true – Ed tweeted at Abby this morning thanking her for her support. She would now like to be left alone to study for her A levels.

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Hannah Jewell is a senior staff writer for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.
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