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The People Have Spoken And Nigel Farage Looks Like A Shiny Frog

Poor Nigel.

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It has in the past been remarked that Nigel Farage bears a passing resemblance to a certain breed of amphibian.

Are Nigel Farage and Kermit the Frog related, by any chance? I think we should be told

And it appears the leaders' debate is bringing this comparison into sharper relief.

mum talking about Nigel Farage: "he looks like a freddo face, doesn't he?"

Has anyone else noticed Farage looks exactly like this when he's not speaking and thinks he's off camera??

HE LOOKS LIKE A FROG. #farage #Leadersdebate

His glowing sheen under studio lights has only encouraged these comparisons.

FARAGE GLOSS LEVEL NOW AT: #leadersdebates

Can someone pass Nigel Farage a towel to wipe his shiny face? #leadersdebate

And he's not really helped matters by pulling weird faces.

"There's nothing Nigel Farage won't blame on foreigners." -

In the interests of balance, this isn't the only comment that has been made about his appearance.

Farage looks like he’s been interrupted mid-wank


Farage looks like Fish off SpongeBob #leaderdebate

Oh god. #farage looks like he just came out of the same freezer Han Solo was in #leadersdebate

So what do you think?

Flickr: httpwwwflickrcomphotostopend / Via ITV
  1. Does Nigel Farage look like a shiny frog?

    Yes, absolutely.
    No, he looks like something else entirely.
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Does Nigel Farage look like a shiny frog?
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    Yes, absolutely.
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    No, he looks like something else entirely.
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