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22 School Play Disasters That Will Make You Cringe

When the nightmare that you're standing naked in front of hundreds of your peers comes true.

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1. This reminder that the show must go on, even when you're standing in a pile of vomit.

When I was 14, I was in a show about King Arthur. In the very last scene of the show, the kid playing King Arthur projectile vomited all over the stage. After projectile vomiting, he passed out while still onstage. Our director rushed the stage, carrying him off backstage and we had to do our last fight scene, complete with swords and shields, in a massive puddle of vomit while the audience watched in horror.

Submitted by Rachel Sydney, Facebook

2. The kid who learned that socks aren't great for cleaning up pee.

I was the narrator for my school play. I got mixed up with my words and ended up laughing so hysterically, I accidentally peed my pants on stage in front of hundreds of people. The worst part? I tried to clean it up by mopping it with my socks and spread it all around the stage. We had to stop the play to get it cleaned up.

Submitted by elizabethc4ef1c1c42


4. The disaster that could only be forgotten by switching schools.

In the third grade, I was the only person who spoke Spanish fluently and was asked to sing a song in Spanish by myself. I practiced for weeks on end, and I was confident in my solo act. Unfortunately, when I stood in front of the thousands of parents and teachers, I broke down into tears and screamed that I couldn't do it. I switched schools as soon as the school year ended.

Submitted by elijahrabanal

5. The kids whose performance was on fire...literally.

During my senior year of high school, my choir teacher ended up setting some of our scenery on fire because he thought it would be a good idea to have fireworks go off inside during one of the songs we did for Seussical the Musical. The audience went for the exit while he put out the fire and we just had to stand there and keep smiling and singing like nothing was going wrong at all. Yeah, our teacher was a real bonehead.

Submitted by Jacki Demchak, Facebook

7. The girl who laid it all bare in her audition.

It was sixth grade. I was auditioning for Wendy in my school's production of Peter Pan, reading the scene where she walks the plank. All the other girls auditioning were just ducking on stage, so I decided to jump off the stage (it was a 5ft drop). Eyes closed, my head held high, hands "tied" behind my back.

I forgot I was wearing a kilt, and flashed the gym full of students and teachers.

Submitted by Sheryl D Silva, Facebook


8. The girl who can burp on command, sort of.

I was in fourth grade and I had one line, and after it, I was supposed to burp. I practiced and practiced, and even drank a whole can of soda beforehand. I said my line...and vurped (vomit-burped). I had to hold it in my mouth for 3 minutes until the scene ended.

Submitted by Sunshine Then, Facebook

10. The girl who did what she needed for her moment in the spotlight.

When I was in third grade, all of the music classes put on a performance. The girl who stood diagonally in front of me kept purposefully putting her hand in front of my face during a spirited finale of jazz hands. I would bat it away during rehearsals and as it got closer to show time I got more frustrated and warned her not to do it during the show. Unsurprisingly she did it during the performance so I bit her. I'm not proud of this...I'm a little proud of this.

Submitted by Mary Stombaugh, Facebook

11. This special way to honour Jesus, and become a local celebrity.

I had the pleasure of playing Mary in the school nativity play when I was about 7 years old. Maybe I was a little overexcited, and the butterflies got to me… But I puked all over baby Jesus during the first performance and it was being filmed by half of the audience.

I because famous as the "one who puked on Jesus" in my village. Classy.

Submitted by alisond4de87d5f6


12. This horrifying boob disaster.

When I was 18 for my assessed A-level exam performance, I played a female Mephistopheles in Marlowe's Dr Faustus. We had been drilled repeatedly by our teachers not to adjust our costumes because it was breaking character and would lose marks. At the end of the play, my right boob made a break for it out of the corset I was wearing. I didn't dare adjust it, and just had to leave it for the longest 10 seconds of my life.

Submitted by emman4e77b465f

14. The girl who wouldn't let her co-star's little accident keep her from her moment in the spotlight.

In high school, during a dress rehearsal, my male counterpart shit his pants. Instead of appropriately excusing himself to go to the bathroom or change out of the rental tux, he continued the run-through. The show must go on. In one of the last scenes, I was supposed to lie dead in his arms – face in crotch. Laying perfectly still with my face in a pile of shit was probably the hardest thing I've ever had to do. I deserved a Tony for that one.

Submitted by dianaaponte11

15. The story that will make you say "ohhhhhhhh goddddddddd".

I was a nurse in my seventh-grade school play. I was only in two scenes, but right before I was supposed to go on, I felt the sudden urge to poop. I didn't have time to go to the bathroom so I ended up pooping my pants and having to go on with loaded underwear. I ended up leaving my soiled underwear in the bathroom and smelled like poop for the rest of the night.

Submitted by nataliab4fda53dde


16. This reminder never to trust your brother.

I was in a play my freshman year of high school. My character had to eat a sandwich. My older brother, who was also in the play, made my sandwich for me. I grabbed it from him and didn't look at it. It was a ham, peanut butter and toothpaste sandwich. Not only did it taste atrocious, but it stuck my mouth together, and I couldn't say any of my lines.

Submitted by Xalia

17. The kid whose mother rented a costume from the WORST PLACE POSSIBLE.

I was a maid in a murder mystery play in high school, but waited until the last minute to get my costume together. Minutes before the play my mom showed up with a French maid costume, telling me she ran all over town all day, and finally found one. I tried it on, it was crazy short, and she told me just to wear shorts underneath. It wasn't until after the play she told me she had rented it from a sex store. RENTED. Meaning how many other people had had sex in this thing?! Why/how did my mom even know that store existed?! My friend's grandma told me later I looked adorable in my little costume…

Submitted by georgied10

19. The brutal competition for the role of Bunny #4.

When I was in third grade I think, my class was doing a spring play for Easter and my friend and I both wanted to play the part of bunny #4. It was a one-line part but apparently it was a big deal. We both auditioned and I got it; she was pissed. When the time came to perform in front of the whole school plus families I got up to say my line and she tackled me in the middle of the stage.

Submitted by brandileeh2


20. The girl who showed her commitment to the show, and ended up regretting it.

In my first show I was playing an angel and in the middle of a dance number, the boy standing next to me vomited all over me and my sister. I was barefoot and I decided to stay on stage and keep dancing as my director always said "the show must go on!" and while I was dancing I slipped in the vomit and landed face first in the vomit.

Submitted by heather123

21. The sleepy Star of Nazareth who was (adorably) rescued by her grandpa.

I was the Star in my Navity play. However the evening play was way past my bedtime of 7pm, so in the middle of the Navity I decided to cry. Full-on, red cheeks and snot kinda cry. My grandpa had to climb on the stage and rescue the Star of Nazareth, and take me home. Still reminded of it every Christmas.

Submitted by kayleighr4c05bd944

22. And the kid who learned that the true meaning of Christmas is wearing a proper belt.

When I was 7 I played Santa. As I went to say a very important line about Christmas, my belt broke and my trousers fell down. Everyone was laughing and I spent the rest of the play holding up my massive trousers. All the older kids laughed at me in the corridor for weeks.

Submitted by millieb448da1a60