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    18 Times King Richard III Perfectly Summed Up Your Struggle

    "My kingdom for a f*ck to give."

    1. When you can't even with the House of York.

    2. When you keep getting woken up by the ghosts of your enemies.


    3. When Henry Stafford, the Second Duke of Buckingham, is in revolt and you just CANNOT any more.

    Flickr: 63794459@N07 / Creative Commons
    Flickr: 63794459@N07 / Creative Commons

    4. When you have just had it with these goddam child princes.

    Archive Photos / Getty Images

    5. When you just can't handle your friends so you accuse them of treason and have them beheaded.

    Hulton Archive / Getty Images

    Like maybe if u wanted to keep ur head u shouldn't have been so treasonous.

    6. When it's awkward cause you killed a bunch of people to gain power but your reign only lasts two years.

    7. When you're killed at the Battle of Bosworth Field before you've even had your first coffee.

    8. When you fail so hard your fail is widely considered to have brought the Middle Ages to an end.

    Georgios Kollidas / Getty Images

    9. And all you get is a shitty plaque.

    10. When some nerds make an ugly-ass reconstruction of your head 500 years after you die.


    11. And it's like ugggghhhh I was NOT that pale.

    JUSTIN TALLIS / AFP / Getty Images

    Put a filter on it at least.

    12. When you're trying to rest in peace but those damn nerds just will not leave you alone.

    ANDREW COWIE/AFP / Getty Images

    13. Like I'm smiling here but actually leave me TF alone.

    ANDREW COWIE/AFP / Getty Images

    14. When William Actual Shakespeare writes a play about your life and it's pretty unflattering.

    Oxford University Press

    15. And you're just like this Tudor propaganda is SUCH BULLSHIT.

    Oxford University Press

    16. When bae isn't texting you back.

    Flickr: black_friction / Creative Commons

    17. When you get exhumed and it's just the WORST.

    LEON NEAL / AFP / Getty Images

    18. And when people are 530 years late for your funeral.

    Christopher Furlong / Getty Images

    Right, you had car trouble. Cool.