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    Apparently There Are "Unwritten Rules" Of Life That We Should All Be Following, So You Better Take Notes

    You better always change the empty toilet paper roll.

    We recently shared a Reddit thread, started by u/SpareArm, filled with the "unwritten rules" of life that we should all be following.

    Our comment section *popped off* with more great nuggets of wisdom. So here are some more rules we should all be following:

    1. "Don’t make fun of the way people pronounce words! Either your language is their second language, or they learned the word by reading, both of which are to be commended."


    2. "When riding an escalator, stand to the right so the people who want to walk can do so on the left."


    3. "Please do not use FaceTime or watch videos out loud on your phone in a restaurant or on public transportation."


    4. "Don't interrupt people who are trying to articulate a point."


    5. "Don’t go into the bathroom stall right next to mine if there are available ones farther away."


    6. "Don't brag about something that you know your friends don't have."


    7. "If someone texts you while you're both in a room full of other people, do not respond out loud so everyone can hear you."


    8. "Let people get off the elevator first before trying to get on."


    9. "Don't download stuff onto someone else's computer or gaming console."


    10. "Don’t comment on other people’s food. I don’t care if you think oysters look like boogers. They’re yummy and I want to enjoy them in peace."


    11. "Change the empty toilet paper roll!"


    12. "If someone offers you a breath mint, take one."


    13. "On an airplane, the aisle seat gets the armrest on the aisle and room to hang one leg in the aisle. Middle seat gets both armrests. Window seat gets the armrest next to the window and the wall to lean on."


    14. "Don't put an empty bottle or container back in the fridge."


    15. "Don't ask someone if they're pregnant. And, if someone mentions they are pregnant, don't comment on their size."


    16. "Don’t ask how somebody can afford something or how much they make."


    17. "Do not show up at someone’s home UNANNOUNCED!"


    18. Finally: "When you borrow something from someone, give it back to them as soon as you get done with it. Don't wait for the person you borrowed it from to hit you up and ask for it back."


    Are there any other implied rules we should all be following? Head to the comments and let us know!

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.