People Are Sharing What They Consider To Be Important "Unwritten Rules" In Life, And You Should Probably Take Notes

    Please do not propose at someone else's wedding. Seriously.

    Not all rules have to be written down and passed around in order for them to be important and worth respecting. Some rules are just implied.

    Reddit user u/SpareArm posed the question: "What is one 'unwritten rule' you think everyone should know and follow?" The thread, which now contains hundreds of these "unwritten rules" in writing, brings up a lot of great points. Here are some of the best:

    1. "Do not swipe left or right if someone shows you a photo on their phone."


    2. "Buy a plunger before you need a plunger."


    3. "Don’t leave your shopping cart in the middle of the grocery aisle!"


    4. "Never make fun of someone else's laugh — be it how they sound or how they look. Laughing is the most natural expression of joy and happiness, and for someone to feel self-conscious about that because of other people's comments is so brutal."


    5. "If you have to cancel on a friend, it should be your responsibility to reschedule."


    6. "Don't propose at someone else's wedding."


    7. "Don't ask for something if the person only has one left (gum, cigarette, piece of cake, etc.)."


    8. "Be kind to people who are working: food staff, medical staff, etc. Don’t take your bad day out on someone else."


    9. "Don't look through the fucking gap of bathroom stalls."


    10. "If someone whispers, you whisper back."


    11. "Don't cook fish in the office kitchen."


    12. "For buses/trains/any other public transportation, let people exit first before you get on."


    13. "Don't say shit about someone's appearance if it can't be fixed in less than 30 seconds. Spinach in someone's teeth? Let a homie know. Body type? Bad haircut? Worn-out clothes? Don't need to mention it."


    14. "Leave it in a better condition than you found it."


    15. "Don’t mess up an apology with an excuse."


    16. "Pee first. No matter what it is, pee first."


    17. Finally: "If you borrow someone's car, fill up the tank before you return it."


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    What's an unwritten or unspoken rule YOU think everyone should live by? Drop it in the comments below!