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We're Dying To Know Which TV Character Out There You Think Deserves Their Own Spinoff Show

Give Dwight Schrute his own show!

Let's be real — there's nothing quite like the feeling of falling in love with a new TV show. It's exciting, engaging, and usually leaves you wanting more.

Plus, the feeling of finding a new favorite character is unmatched. Sometimes, it's almost as if you wish that character had their own spinoff series to keep the magic going.

Maybe you were an emotional wreck when The Office came to an end, and you prayed and prayed that the network would give Dwight Schrute the beet-filled spinoff he rightfully deserved. Since Dwight carried the final two seasons of The Office on his back, had the funniest one-liners, and was finally starting his life with Angela, you thought his character was compelling enough for his very own quirky show.

Perhaps you openly wept during the finale of The Good Place, and rightfully so. You were particularly moved by the demon-turned-good guy Michael, and imagined the perfect spinoff series all about Michael's new life as a human. You loved the idea of watching Michael navigate this new existence, all while being inspired by little signs in the universe that his friends Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani, Jason, and Janet were still looking out for him.

Or perhaps you are obsessed with Tracy Jordan from 30 Rock and think he is so outlandishly funny, wild, and unpredictable that he would make a hilarious lead character in his own spinoff series. Between his celebrity status and his oddly confusing personal life, Tracy's show would be perfectly filled with laugh-out-loud bits and zany antics.

Or maybe you think Alexis Rose from Schitt's Creek is one of the best sitcom characters of all time, and you'd give anything to follow along with her new adventures in New York City. After watching Alexis find her confidence and independence without compromising her quirky, lovable energy, you realized she would make a super compelling leading lady.

Who's a TV character that is so interesting, you think they deserve their own spinoff series? Why would their spinoff be great? Let us know in the comments! The most riveting suggestions will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!