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Food Banks Have Seen A Massive Increase In Demand In Areas Which Have Universal Credit

In areas where Universal Credit has been rolled out for at least two years, food banks have seen a 48% increase in visitors.

Hannah Al-Othman • One day ago

EU Citizens Living In Britain Could Have Their Settled Status Revoked Under New Rules

The new power comes as part of a 99-page document detailing changes to immigration rules that the government published just before Parliament was prorogued.

Hannah Al-Othman • 7 days ago

Scottish Judges Have Ruled Boris Johnson's Suspension Of Parliament Was "Unlawful"

Scotland's highest civil court ruled "it had the purpose of stymying parliament."

Hannah Al-Othman • 9 days ago

A Major Trade Union Boss Has Told Jeremy Corbyn Not To Offer Women MPs’ Seats To His “Favourite Sons”

Exclusive: In a letter to the Labour leader, Unison general secretary Dave Prentis said he found “negotiations” around the seats “deeply concerning”.

Hannah Al-Othman • One month ago

This Is What Police And Lawyers Really Think Of Boris Johnson’s Policing Pledge

“I think what he’s doing now is what he did as Mayor of London, going round showering glitter,” one police source told BuzzFeed News.

Hannah Al-Othman • One month ago

The Brother Of A Labour Executive Member Who Oversees Disciplinary Cases Has Been Suspended Over Alleged Anti-Semitism

Manchester councillor Majid Dar has been reported to Labour over social media posts. His sister, Yasmin Dar, is a member of Labour’s NEC, which decided it would retain control of disciplinary matters.

Hannah Al-Othman • One month ago

Sexual Harassment Campaigners Are "Disappointed" Labour Has Rejected An Independent Complaints Procedure

Labour's governing body decided to adopt proposals put forward by leader Jeremy Corbyn that keep disciplinary decisions firmly in the hands of the party's elite.

Hannah Al-Othman • One month ago

Boris Johnson Will Be The UK’s New Prime Minister

Johnson will take over with just 15 weeks until the UK is scheduled to leave the EU and with no sign of a solution to the political crisis that has crippled Parliament.

Alex Spence • One month ago

Domestic Abuse Survivors Have Said Their Children Are Put At Risk By Family Courts. The Government Is Asking For Their Stories.

One survivor, who would prefer an independent inquiry, told BuzzFeed News: "We currently have a system that does not protect victims and children but favours perpetrators, and that has been clearly evidenced time and time again."

Hannah Al-Othman • 2 months ago
Mark Di Stefano • 2 months ago

There Are Fears The Next Prime Minister Could Drop Theresa May’s Flagship Domestic Abuse Bill

The Domestic Abuse Bill is the most comprehensive package ever presented to Parliament to tackle domestic abuse — but will the next prime minister see it through the Commons?

Hannah Al-Othman • 2 months ago

Labour Staffers Have Passed A Union Motion Condemning The Party's Response To "Panorama"

One current staff member told BuzzFeed News that employees were facing a "mental health crisis", which had been compounded by Labour's response to the programme.

Hannah Al-Othman • 2 months ago

Peers Have Been Criticised For Attempting To Derail Same-Sex Marriage And Abortion Rights In Northern Ireland

Members of the House of Lords have been criticised for laying down so-called wrecking amendments, designed to alter or counteract the historic votes passed by MPs last week.

Hannah Al-Othman • 2 months ago

Behind The Scenes At One Of The Most Pointless Debates In Recent British Political History

In the spin room, journalists were struggling to work out what anyone had actually learned from the debate.

Hannah Al-Othman • 2 months ago

MPs Have Voted In Favour Of Extending Abortion Rights To Northern Ireland

The vote marks the culmination of a long campaign from MPs and charities to urge the government to grant abortion rights in Northern Ireland.

Hannah Al-Othman • 2 months ago

Labour Has Been Accused Of Fixing Its London Assembly Selection Process To Benefit Momentum Candidates

LGBT Labour said that the fact that the only gay assembly member may lose his seat as a result was “kick in the teeth to LGBT+ Labour Party members during Pride month.”

Hannah Al-Othman • 2 months ago

Mark Field Has Been Suspended As A Government Minister After He Grabbed A Woman Protester By The Neck

Janet Barker, the activist grabbed by Field, said: "Maybe he should go to anger-management classes."

Alan White • 3 months ago

Jeremy Hunt Will Take On Boris Johnson In The Final Run-Off To Be Britain's Next Prime Minister

Conservative party members will now choose which of the two men will become Tory leader.

Alex Wickham • 3 months ago

Jeremy Hunt Told Us He "Authorised" The Funding Of Abortions For Northern Irish Women. Campaigners Beg To Disagree.

The government only agreed to fund abortions for women from Northern Ireland after Hunt opposed a legal challenge by a mother and daughter seeking NHS funding for abortions for Northern Irish women.

Hannah Al-Othman • 3 months ago

None Of The Men Battling To Be The UK's Next Prime Minister Have Said They Will Extend Abortion Rights To Northern Ireland

BuzzFeed News asked all of the prime ministerial hopefuls whether they would legislate to give people in Northern Ireland the same rights as the rest of the UK.

Hannah Al-Othman • 3 months ago