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    Here Are 21 Of The Best Valentine's Day Gifts To Give A Foodie

    What says "I love you" more than food-themed presents? Nothing is the answer I'm looking for.

    1. A Black & White truffle oil gift set for anyone who loves adding a little umami to their meals.

    2. A Tasty non-stick ceramic cookware set for the S.O. who loves to cook, but only has crusty pots and pans to use.

    3. A salami bouquet because good cured meat beats flowers any day of the week.

    4. A set of 10 tinnies for your partner who's obsessed with craft beer.

    5. An indulgent chocolate hamper from Koko Black that the two of you can enjoy as you unwind at home.

    6. A Caramilk brownie that you can send right to their doorstep, which is every chocolate lover's dream.

    7. A monthly subscription box by GoodnessMe for the Valentines who love to snack, but want to be healthy.

    8. A bottle of TRUFF Hot Sauce — the world-famous lovechild of truffle oil and hot sauce — for the spiciest of Valentines.

    9. A multi-tasking charcoal BBQ for the lover who's been dying to conquer the art of grilling.

    10. A tea infuser set that's perfect for the Valentine who can't live without a good cuppa.

    11. A picnic basket with all the extras that you can pack with all their favourite picnic foods.

    12. A copy of the new, mouth-watering cookbook FLAVOUR, for your favourite veggie-lover.

    13. A chic set of chef-quality knifes to up their kitchen game.

    14. A DIY hot sauce kit to spice up their life.

    15. A SodaStream machine, which is now available in a range of beautiful colours, so you can get one that matches their aesthetic.

    16. A Casual Clare gift package by Good Day People, that's sure to delight the gin lover in your life.

    17. A instant pot that's the perfect gift for anyone who loves to cook, but doesn't know how to work a pressure cooker.

    18. A wine decanter, because it's time for them to truly appreciate the beauty of red wine.

    19. A small, round chopping board that's the perfect size for when they want a cheese board all to themselves.

    20. A bottle of hot sauce that not only mirrors how extra spicy your relationship is, but can be used to add flavour to a huge range of dishes.

    21. And finally, a tea filled gift box that would be the perfect accompanying gift to a bouquet of fresh flowers.

    Your partner when you present them with any one of these gifts: