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    23 Products Perfect For Anyone Who's Struggling To Get Their Eight Hours

    Farewell friends, I'm off to sleep forever.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. This six-minute diary, that will allow you to focus on mindfulness if you're feeling a little out of your head with everything that's going on.


    By sorting out your day, you won't have any anxieties keeping your eyeballs open throughout the night. This journal encourages you to change your habits in order to achieve happiness, mindfulness and productive thinking. It's based on the mantra that just six minutes out of your day is enough time to assess where you're at and what you need to improve. It includes monthly check-in pages, habit trackers and weekly notes for your own thoughts and ideas, while giving you the information about positive psychology, self-reflection and changing habits.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $43.90.

    2. This sleep scrub by Frank Body that is perfect if you're someone who likes to take a bath before bed.

    Frank Body

    Use this scrub to exfoliate your skin and rid it of dirt, dead skin cells and other nasties that you pick up throughout your day. Then, leave it on and soak in the luxurious essential oils it's infused with. It contains magnesium to relax your muscles and reduce inflammation, epsom salts to scrub away the nasties, lavender oil to calm your senses and nourish your skin and chamomile to soothe your skin and have it ready for sleepy time.

    Buy it from Frank Body for $18.95.

    3. This Echo Dot, which is the perfect little companion to remind you when you should begin winding down and getting ready for bed.


    Will this Echo Dot replace all your co-workers during your new WFH sitch? Yes. You can use it to find out what the weather's like, what time it is in a foreign country or hear what's going on around the world — so that you'll be reaching a new level of multitasking and productivity while simultaneously having someone — albeit a robot — to talk to.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $99.

    4. This time-marked water bottle, because there's a reason everyone keeps yelling at you to stay hydrated.


    One of the first things I noticed while working from home was the lack of water I'd been drinking. This one-litre water bottle indicates times throughout the day, so that you can turn drinking water into a habit. The bottle also tells you why you should be drinking water — which will hopefully guilt you into prioritising hydration.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $28.99.

    5. This white noise machine, that's the adult equivalent of a soothing lullaby to ease you into your slumber.


    This sound machine has 20 unique sounds that don’t loop. There’s also a sleep timer, so she doesn’t have to worry about it running all night.

    Promising review:
    "Light sleeper, apartment dweller: This sound machine literally changed my life. I moved into an apartment for the first time in my life one year ago and hearing my neighbours move around at night used to make me so anxious. This little machine blurs it all out! I CANNOT sleep without it now, it's the best purchase I have ever made and I would seriously recommend any light sleepers purchase it. My partner now loves it too."

    Julia Willing

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $55.95.

    6. This humidifier and diffuser, so you can create a safe and snug environment, ideal for relaxing before and during bedtime.


    This diffuser has seven different light settings for you to adjust to your mood, two different mist settings and ensures 10-16 hours of mist, so you can turn it on before bed without worrying about it burning out.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $30.99.

    7. And this set of essential oils, which you can use with it to create a sleepy cocktail that will calm you down and have you ready for bed.


    This set includes lavender, lemongrass, eucalyptus, tea tree, sweet orange and peppermint, so you can create your own potions depending on what you need.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $25.19.

    8. This handy dandy vibrator because what else are you going to do to get yourself to sleep?


    Look, buying a sex toy is a commitment and it's often super difficult to convince yourself to invest hundreds of dollars in one. If you've just decided to dive into the world of toys, or if you're a seasoned user looking for a new favourite, try this one on for size. It's fully waterproof, which means it can be used in the bath and shower without you worrying about electrocuting yourself.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $39.99.

    9. This weighted cotton blanket that will tuck you in when there's nobody around to do it for you.

    Amazon, BuzzFeed / Hameda Nafiz

    If you're the kind of person who tosses and turns a lot before going to bed, this weighted blanket will change your life. It feels like being tucked in, or cuddling someone, except better because you don't need to deal with another person.

    Weight is evenly distributed throughout the stitching of the blanket, making it feel as though you’re being hugged as you sleep. This blanket uses sand pellets for the weight distribution rather than fibre, so that you can use it all year round without feeling too hot.

    Read about my experience using a weighted blanket for the first time here!

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $118.01.

    10. This body pillow, which is the perfect companion if you're self-isolating alone.


    Say it with me, "body pillows aren't just for pregnant people!". This one supports your neck, hips, waist, back and head, which is perfect for pregnant woman, but also for anyone who tends to suffer from heartburn at night or likes to wrap their limbs around something before they drift off.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $79.99.

    11. This cork yoga mat, so that you can stretch it out before bedtime.

    Cotton On

    During self-isolation, I've been doing 10 minutes of bedtime yoga each night and not only have I become more flexible, I've found that my back and hips are less sore and I sleep much easier, — which is amazing, considering my anxiety levels are currently through the roof.

    Buy it from Cotton On for $29.99.

    12. This sleep mask that will shut out the world (and the haters), so you can fall asleep without any kind of light disturbing your REM.


    This sleeping mask features a memory foam nose cushion that contours to any nose shape and blocks out all light — so you can get those zzz's without being interrupted.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $19.95.

    13. This LIFX Smart LED bulb, so you can set up your lights to turn different colours throughout the day and prepare you for bed.

    @sohanjudge / Via, Amazon, @sohanjudge / Via

    Promising review: "LIFX lighting is the best purchase I've ever made – both for myself and as gifts for all my friends. Not only can you easily create really fun environments with lighting (party mode, relaxing mode, movie night mode), but it's also really good for things such as sleep hygiene. At 9 p.m. I turn on orange/red lighting and my body knows it's time to wind down and it's much easier to fall asleep. It's perfect if you need to switch your brain to work mode as well. There's a sleep timer, fun effects and a setting that makes the lighting react to the music you're playing! It's so easy to use and honestly it makes being at home so much more of a VIBE."

    Sohan Judge

    Buy for $88 from Amazon Australia.

    14. This gel infused mattress topper that will conform to your frame and evenly distribute your weight on its surface.


    This mattress topper is gel-infused, meaning it will regulate temperatures to make sure you remain cosy all night.

    Buy a queen bed topper from Amazon Australia for $75.14 (available in single, double, queen and king).

    15. These blackout curtains if you're plagued by street lights that happen to be right outside your window.


    These blackout curtains not only block out sunlight, but they also help if you live on a busy street and are always hearing cars go by in the dead of night. They're also insulated to help keep heat outside where it belongs.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $38.98.

    16. These blue light blocking glasses, because staring at a screen all day affects your sleep more than you think.


    The blue light from your screen can cause eye strain, headaches and inability to sleep, so if you experience any of these symptoms, you should pick these guys up ASAP!

    Buy a pair from Amazon Australia for $29.61.

    17. This Audible subscription, which will give you monthly credits to use towards whatever book you want.

    Audible / BuzzFeed

    There's a ridiculous amount of books you can listen to, including Where The Crawdads Sing, The Giver Of Stars and Celeste Barber's memoir, Challenge Accepted!, which she narrates herself.

    Audible has also recently introduced a sleep feature that includes sleep meditation narrated by Diddy or bedtime stories read to you by Nick Jonas. If that won't lull you to bed, I don't know what will.

    Get Audible from $16.45 a month.

    18. This lavender and chamomile infused aromatherapy mist, which you should spritz around your room before bed to make nodding off so much easier.


    This aroma mist uses essential oils to calm your body and mind, effectively knocking you right out so you can be sure to get a full eight hours.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $12.

    19. This deep sleep candle that combines the power of chamomile and lavender to get you in the mood for a great night of zzz's.


    This candle is infused with essential oils and will immediately make you want to get cozy and snuggle up in bed.

    Buy it from Mecca for $54.

    20. These door bumpers that will ensure slamming doors or cabinets won't wake you from your slumber.


    These bumpers are easy to apply and the strong adhesive will ensure they stay put. They also come in a pack of 100, so you can share with all the light sleepers in your life.

    Buy a pack of 100 from Amazon Australia for $8.99.

    21. This indoor thermometer, so that you can better understand your air quality and adjust it to your liking before bedtime.


    This indoor thermometer has a magnetic back, so you can stick it to the fridge, or a tabletop stand depending on where you want it. It records humidity as well as temperature, so that you can ensure you're relaxing in optimum conditions at home.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $17.99.

    22. This huge pack of satin hair scrunchies that won't tug and pull at your hair when you toss and turn.


    These satin scrunchies are super soft, so they won't be uncomfortable in your hair — plus, the strong elastic will keep your hair in that pony and out of your face as you sleep.

    Buy a pack of 50 from Amazon Australia for $21.49.

    23. And finally, this wool quilt that will keep you unbelievably warm during the cold winter months.


    This quilt is made from Australian merino wool and is super soft, so you'll be curled up and cosy the next time the weather decides to freeze us all.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $134.99.

    You, waking up shocked and delighted by how well you slept after using any of these products.