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    I Tried Sleeping With A Weighted Blanket And It Was One Of The Best Decisions I Made

    Sleep without a weighted blanket? Don't know her.

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    Like heaps of people, I've been intrigued by the concept of a weighted blanket ever since I first heard of one, especially as I'm someone who has been tossing and turning in bed since I was a wee child.

    So, in celebration of World Sleep Day, I decided to finally give sleeping with a weighted blanket a go for two weeks.

    A little background on me and my sleep pattern: Very few people like to sleep next to me because I don't stop squirming. In fact, when I go to sleep in one position, I'll end up in an entirely different spot when I wake up.

    The first night I was excited, but also scared of being disappointed.

    But OH BOY, was I in for a treat. Basically, as soon as I put the blanket over myself, I didn't want to get out from under it.

    The blanket itself was quite small compared to what I'm used to, so I did have to lay it over the top of my regular doona, which is queen sized. This was a little worrying because I'm also someone who overheats while I sleep.

    Still, I threw it on and tucked myself in, ready for a night of blissful sleep. Here are the stages I went through during the first night:

    After the success of the first night, I've been keen to get into bed every night since.

    It made me feel comforted, secure and I don't move an inch when this thing is on me!

    Basically, in conclusion:

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