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    38 Things Your Friends Will Probably Buy Right After You Do

    Prepare for fleece-lined joggers to be the new group staple.

    1. A pair of wireless sleep headphones that you can use for playing white noise to fall asleep, listening to your fave podcast or music while traveling or working out, and ~so much more.~ You'll be the envy of everyone else still dealing with their earbuds falling out mid-run and mid-sleep.

    2. A chunky knit satin-lined winter beanie with a detachable faux fur pom-pom to keep your head toasty warm without disrupting your hairstyle or causing a case of dreaded hat hair. 

    Model in the yellow satin-lined beanie
    A model showing the silky lining and how their hair fits in the beanie for a cute look
    Beautifully Warm

    Promising review: "Best winter hat I have ever owned!! I love the color and I also love how it keeps my hair in place. I love running and hiking, and I have never lost this hat while running. It doesn't even feel like you're wearing anything at all, but it keeps me so warm. It's very comfortable especially for some of us with big afros." —Evermoore

    Beautifully Warm is a Black-owned family business that makes satin-lined hats for winter and cap-style hats with a scrunchie opening in the back designed for natural hair. 

    Get it from Amazon for $23.99+ (available in five colors).

    3. A rechargeable hand warmer with double-sided heat and three temperature settings so you'll be the only one of your friends with happy toasty hands in sub-freezing weather.

    Reviewer holding rechargeable hand warmer

    4. A pair of fleece-lined joggers whose insides are seriously as soft as a blanket. They are so comfy, they may be your friend group's Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants moment — which still counts if you all own pairs of your own!

    Reviewer wearing the light gray sweats
    The inside of the joggers: a thick white fleece

    Promising review: "10000000/5 stars!!!!!! I just shoveled our driveway for an hour in 2-degree weather, and my legs NEVER got cold. While my hands, face, feet, and arms were cold...legs were nice and toasty. I am recommending these to everyone!!!" —jc

    Get it from Amazon for $33.14+ (available in women's sizes XS–XXL and 11 colors).

    5. A bottle of Drop It that'll naturally remove tannins and sulfates from your wine in a mere *20 seconds*, so you'll be free of those wine hangovers that somehow crop up after just one glass. 😭 When you're the only one in the group chat the next day without a splitting headache, everyone will want your secret.

    6. A jar of The Pink Stuff, a bestselling part-cleaner, part-magic potion that can clean pretty much anything you put to the test — including stains, grease, and grime on cement, tile, laminate, glass, and wood.

    7. A water-resistant Under Armour face mask whose Iso-Chill fabric technology helps it not overheat, getting rid of one of the most uncomfy parts of mask-wearing IMO. It’s also designed to sit off your lips so you won’t get fabric in your mouth anymore (we love to see it)!!

    BuzzFeed editor in a black face mask that protrudes slightly off the face

    8. Plus streak-free anti-fog spray to prevent your eyeglasses, sunglasses, and face shields from fogging up while you're masking (or while you're just plain cold). It also works on swim goggles and motorcycle helmets!

    Reviewer holding bottle of anti-fog spray

    9. A set of wireless Bluetooth earbuds because a good AirPods dupe is ALWAYS worth celebrating LOL, and over 219,000 5-star raters agree. Since they're wireless, they also won’t get tangled up with your mask! These are about to be a huge life upgrade.

    Reviewer image of two black earbuds next to their charging case

    10. A Pet House candle that masks those infamous and varied pet *smells* so darn well and ENJOYABLY that it'll soon be the only scent your friends ever smell at your apartment — and what’s more, they’ll love it, too.

    11. A rose gold, FLAMELESS rechargeable electric lighter so you’ll never have to worry about burning your fingers or wasting lighter gas or matches again. Also this thing is just straight-up elegant and no one can tell me otherwise.

    A rose gold lighter with an electric current

    12. A popular S'well Traveler with vacuum insulation to keep your coffee piping hot (or delightfully cold!) for up to 12 hours. You are going to love this thing so much that your friends will have no CHOICE but to get on board.

    A black matte white speckled S'well bottle with a twist off metal cap

    13. A bestselling stain and odor eliminator for cat and dog *accidents* so that you can finally, actually get rid of the stain from your furry friend that has been haunting your carpet or couch for too long.

    14. A wireless Zero mood lamp because you know you want a dog but you’re not quite ready to take care of one, so this lil guy will be your new best friend (and a new part of your crew)!!

    A lamp shaped like the dog Zero from nightmare before christmas

    15. A dainty beaded face mask chain to help you never misplace your mask again in between driving and jumping out to run errands. 💪

    16. An Athena Club Razor Kit with blades enhanced with shea butter to soothe sensitive skin and function as built-in shaving cream! The subscription will help remind you to dispose of old blades once they're past their time and ensure you get new, high-quality blades to keep your skin healthy. Leave it to Athena to make the sometimes arduous, often difficult activity of shaving accessible and even luxurious. 

    two razors on their magnetic hooks on a wall
    model shaving their underarm with the razor
    Athena Club

    TBH, never using a rusty razor again is itself something to celebrate. Each kit comes with two five-blade cartridges with stainless-steel blades, one razor handle, and one rust-proof magnetic hook.

    Promising review: "Best razor EVER! This razor is amazing! Such a close shave and my legs are so silky afterward! AND it doesn't irritate my legs like other razors. Never going back!" —Lori

    Get it from Athena Club for $9 (available in nine handle colors and a variety of subscription plans).

    17. A subscription to MeUndies because a fresh, crispy clean pair of undies is TBH nothing less than a thing of happiness. Add in fun designs like adorable French bulldogs or ice cream?? I'm sold. It’s a fun way to reinvent yourself in little ways with every new delivery!

    Model wearing gray with white abstract polka dot print underwear and bra

    18. An ADORABLE book tracker bookmark for a visual representation of all of your reading, and to inspire you to read ~even more~ so you can add the title of your finished book and color in the little spine! This is the perfect little treat for all us bookworms. I (Haley) just bought one for myself since I love to read but don't read as much as I'd like to these days — this cute tracker is helping me keep ~on track.~ Plus, the little sleeping cat is to DIE for!

    a person holding the bookmark
    britishbookart / Etsy

    AND since it's a bookmark, you won't need to have an internal fight with yourself about dog ear-ing your book pages anymore. (So convenient, but bad for the book!) The bookmark has 50 book spines on it.

    Promising review: "What a unique bookmark! It is made with very sturdy material and has held up nicely to being colored in many times and switched between books. I ordered multiples because I know they will fill up quickly. My first one is about halfway full already! Would definitely buy again, and I've already recommended it to friends! :)" —Noelle Pecher

    British Book Art is based in Bath, England and carries a variety of book tracker bookmarks and other fun book-inspired art.

    Get it from British Book Art for $3.16.

    19. The Always Pan from Our Place, which is basically a lifesaver for reluctant cooks such as myself. It has nine (!) cookware functions, so it can (*takes deep breath*) braise, sear, steam, store your spoon (with a built-in spoon rest), strain, sauté, fry, boil, and serve. COUNT 👏 ME 👏 IN. 👏

    20. A popular time-marked water bottle for helping you and your friends pace yourselves throughout the day to make sure you hit your hydration goals.

    21. Iridescent privacy film to put on your windows for some extra privacy from your neighbors and to give your windows a seriously DELIGHTFUL rainbow stained glass look that you and your guests will love looking at and losing yourselves in. (P.S. — reviewers report that their cats love the sparkles this film creates, too!)

    Iridescent privacy film on reviewer's window above Himalayan Salt Lamp and cat plant pot
    Little rainbows bouncing off walls from a reviewer's iridescent privacy film on bathroom window

    These attach using static cling so that they're easy to remove. They also block up to 96% of UV rays and can cut down on your energy bill by helping to keep heat out in summer and reflect warmth in the winter. 

    Promising review: "This is so pretty! If you get very close to it you can see out, so knowing who is outside your home is not an issue like I worried it would be. The rainbows this thing puts out while still letting in light are unreal. It even looks cool at night. Installation was easy; the only part I struggled with was cutting a straight line — a razor blade worked best, as trimming the edges with my kitchen scissors was impossible. Everyone that has come over compliments it. Conversation piece! My cats even seem to like it." —allensca13

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99+ (available in 11 sizes).

    22. Miracle-Gro food spikes that reviewers claim work miracles to revive and keep plants alive no matter what your level of green thumb is. They feed plants for 30–60 days!!

    23. Hidden bookshelves that give the illusion of floating so you can show off all your favorite books and marvel at how cool these look, like all the time. Literally SHOW me something cooler than this. I'M WAITING.

    The small bookshelves are designed to hold up to 15 pounds and the large bookshelves are designed to hold up to 20 pounds.

    Promising review: "I bought two of these in August 2010, and in the last 10 years I've used them in three different apartments. I just put them up in apartment number three and was once again blown away with how awesome they look. Every time I put them up I'm like, 'WOW WOW WOW, these are AMMMMAAAZZINNNNNGGGG!!!' If you love decorating with books, this is a must-buy!" —Jlands

    Get it from Amazon for $22.37+ (available in two sizes and in sets of three).

    24. A meal delivery subscription from HomeChef that sends you customizable pre-portioned and pre-labeled ingredients so you can easily make your own fresh, dee-licious meals.

    salmon and rice

    25. A delicate customizable earring display you can use to organize and display your fave pieces. BTW, you can also use them to display your wares for sale on sites like Etsy!

    A pair of earring hanging from a small acryrlic display with a wooden base

    26. An adorable We Rate Dogs daily calendar, which will brighten up your every day as you look forward to a new cutest little dog. 10/10, every one of ya!!!

    a daily page with a puppy in a bathtub rated 12/10

    27. Phytosurgence Toasted Blushes for unique, earthy colors that are stunning on all skin tones and *beyond* live up to the hype — the potent cream formula will be a dream on you and every one of your friends.

    A model wearing Phytosurgence toasted blushes in Condensate, Evaporate, Exothermic, and Sublimate
    Swatches of Evaporate, Condensate, Sublimate, and Exothermic on model's arm

    These basically mouthwatering shades are described as lavender oat latte, brown sugar milk tea, cherry wine, and spiced chocolate bar.

    Check it out on TikTok here.

    I (Haley) stumbled upon Phytosurgence one day and I have never looked back. All of their products are meticulously formulated with natural ingredients and rich, unique shades that you won't be able to dupe anywhere else – trust me, I've looked lol. My sensitive skin loves these blushes and the blush geek in me (or fully embodying me) is SCREAMING. My personal favorite is Condensate, a cool-toned muted dusty rose, but Evaporate, a neutral smoky peach, is a crowd favorite of the bunch. Plus, they're so affordable for such high-quality. A million chef's kisses.

    Phytosurgence is a queer, Asian-owned small business based in Canada. 

    Get it from Phytosurgence for $21 (available in four shades).