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If You're Still Procrastinating, Consider Getting One Of These 26 Crowd-Pleasing Gifts

A Great British Baking Show mug, an unofficial Disney Parks cookbook, a gift box of sour candies, and so much more.

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1. An ice cream maker so they can make their fave ice cream at home, aka anytime they want. Enough said!!

2. A gift book of prompts for you to personalize with why you love your parent/grandparent/teacher/bestie/etc. Fill it in before gifting it, and they are sure to treasure it.

various books for dads, besties, etc. with some as general as "what I love about us"

3. A subscription to Book of the Month, because there is truly no better gift for a bookworm than MORE BOOKS. Keep 'em coming!!

hand holds cardboard box that says book of the month

4. A shiny foil astrology puzzle for your resident puzzle slash horoscope lover that they'll want to get started on STAT.

shiny gradient puzzle with astrology designs

5. Or, a state puzzle for those who are lovers of puzzles *and* national geography. You can choose between 11 states and a 50-states version that feature trivia, landmarks, and even culinary traditions for each illustrated location.

6. A subscription to Bespoke Post that'll send them themed boxes with a range of goodies – think cooking, tech, the outdoors, etc. – from small businesses every month. They can preview their monthly box and if they don't like it, they can swap for a different one or skip the month.

box next to jigger, drink, beard brush, and knife

7. The card game What Do You Meme? for anyone who is proudly obsessed with memes (because you know they'd love to show off their chops)!

8. I Choose You (Every Day & Always) — a heartfelt illustrated book about the everyday moments that make up your unique love story, and a testament to the beautiful fact that your love is something you've chosen, day after day, to build together.

book cover that says i choose you every day and always with two bunnies embracing

9. A chunky knit satin-lined winter beanie to keep their head toasty warm without disrupting their hairstyle or causing a case of dreaded hat hair. It also has a detachable faux fur pom-pom!

10. An unofficial Disney Parks cookbook so that whether they're at Disneyland or at home, the magic won't have to end. They'll be able to whip up tasty treats like Mickey pretzels and Dole Whip right in their own kitchen!

11. Orrrr a cookbook dedicated to all the yummy dishes described in Brian Jacques' charming Redwall books (Mole’s Favorite Turnip and Tater Deeper ’N Ever Pie, anyone)?

Redwall cookbook cover

12. The cutest little frozen brush tree candle you ever did see, so they can have their own winter wonderland no matter how far they are from the forest.

A frosted bottle brush tree candle

13. An incense holder shaped like a waterfall and some backflow incense cones to go with it. The smell will be heavenly and they can relax while watching the incense smoke making its way down the "waterfall."

14. A delightful set of food dice with over *186,000* possible meal combinations that basically promise to make dinnertime way more exciting.

jar with cork top filled with wooden dice

15. A book of Random Illustrated Facts to arm your trivia fan with a ~plethora~ of new info. Plus, the clever illustrations make it downright delightful.

16. A subscription to Candy Club for dedicated sweet toothers that'll give them six 6-ounce candy cups every month (!). Can't stop, won't stop!

four jars of candy (rainbow wheels, strawberry puffs, blue raspberry sour tape, and something chocolate)

17. A Dunder Mifflin Paper Company shirt, The Office puzzle, or a Dundie award for the diehard The Office fan.

18. A colorful Great British Baking Show mug featuring everyone's favorites, Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood, holding a *decadent* dessert with rolling green hills in the background and "Star Baker" written on the back. 😭 Any GBBS fan is SURE to love this one.

19. An Elf board game beloved by both adults and kiddos. Players must work together to get Buddy the Elf to the Empire State Building to find his dad; whoever has the most points once he reaches it wins.

small buddy the elf figure on a game board

20. Stardew Valley for Nintendo Switch, a sweet game where the player inherits a farm and sets out to build relationships with the local townspeople. It may sound simple, but reviewers seriously LOVE this game, calling it "incredible," "relaxing," and actual "gold."

The Stardew Valley game on Nintendo Switch

21. The bestselling first volume of Lore Olympus — originally a popular webcomic, now available as a graphic novel in print. It's a modern take on the romance of Hades and Persephone, so it's great for readers who love Greek mythology (or, a fun introduction for those who aren't)!

cover of the book

22. Happy Box — so you can build your own gift box from scratch and make it fully personalized for your gift recipient. Best of all, this way you can mail someone a ton of different gifts without having to deal with (read: pay for) shipping from multiple retailers.

box with paper packing strips and a card, reusable shopping bag, vase, sock, and chocolate

23. A cult-favorite sleek alarm clock that they are pretty much sure to love due to its two USB ports for easy charging! Every alarm clock should be like this TBH.

A reviewer's alarm clock with two devices plugged in

24. A paw-shaped chair cushion, because being softly cradled in a kitty paw is pretty much every cat lover's dream.

paw shaped pillows

25. A striped Barefoot Dreams blanket that, I kid you not, will make them feel like they are literally cuddling with a cloud.

26. A gift box of sour gummies that any candy lover NEEDS. This one pound (!) set comes with strawberry gummies and peach, raspberry, and watermelon sours – and more!

Pound O' Gummies box

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