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    People Sure Had Thoughts After Prince Harry Was Spotted At Beyoncé's Renaissance Concert, Looking "Miserable"

    A picture is worth a thousand words... 🐝

    Beyoncé kicked off the Los Angeles stop of her Renaissance Tour, and celebrities flocked left and right to attend.

    Beyoncé smiling onstage

    Kris Jenner was spotted bobbing back and forth awkwardly during the Electric Slide.

    Twitter: @RenaissanceWT

    LeBron James missed the silver clothing memo, and went super casual.

    Twitter: @nna_onu

    Gabrielle Union showed up — and ATE.

    And, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were also spotted in attendance.

    Closeup of Meghan and Harry at an event

    Except people thought Harry looked miserable.

    Twitter: @DawnNeesom

    Or, that he looked "like any other boyfriend/husband who was made to go to a Beyoncé concert."

    Twitter: @eddluxe

    Fair, it could have just not been his thing.

    Twitter: @LessGrumpy

    Except, at times, he did seem to have a good time.

    Twitter: @Ritzygal2020

    He was spotted dancing and hugging Meghan, and wasn't looking all that "miserable" to be there.

    Twitter: @Le__Katerina

    As one commentator pointed out, yeah, it's perfectly normal for people not to dance the whole time at concerts.

    Twitter: @I_amMukhtar

    Twitter: @Anna__with_an_A

    I mean, this checks out. How can you not bop around even a little bit at a Beyoncé concert — even if you weren't a fan?

    Beyoncé onstage

    Well, case closed. And poor Harry. We'll let you know if he responds.