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    "Somebody Get Kris Jenner Out Of The Line": People Are Roasting Kris Jenner's Dancing At Beyoncé's Renaissance Concert

    "Kris Jenner in there trying her best. I’m crying."

    So last night, Kris Jenner attended the LA stop of Beyoncé's Renaissance Tour.

    A closeup of Beyoncé's smiling on stage

    She had amazing floor seats, which, if you've seen the show, you know aren't really seats. It's more like one giant dance floor.

    closeup of kris jenner speaking on stage

    But maybe Kris missed that memo.

    closeup of kris

    A clip of her trying to do the Electric Slide has gone viral, for, well, you can watch and see why here.

    Twitter: @PopCrave

    Kris didn't really know what to do:

    Twitter: @fashiotainment

    She kind of just stood there and rocked along while everyone else around her danced:

    Twitter: @RenaissanceWT

    Jay-Z and Offset even tried to help her, but Kris continued to struggle.

    Twitter: @captainyonce

    People made comments, from how she kept going around in circles...

    Twitter: @thiquessance

    Twitter: @HendrixMonae

    Twitter: @thatsandrelle all of the other missed steps.

    Twitter: @Jaydaunderdoggg

    Twitter: @2sandz

    Others loved that she was even out there.

    Twitter: @TheTokenJT

    Twitter: @ndulceee

    I agree with that! Good for you, Kris, for even staying out there. You tried — and you looked like you had a lot of fun.