Please Tell Me That I'm Not The Only One Who Didn't Know These 19 Celebrities Were Canadian

    Oh Canadaaaa 🎶

    Everybody knows that Justin Bieber and Ryan Gosling are from our neighbor in the North, but there are many other celebrities you might not realize are Canadian.

    1. Shawn Mendes

    2. Shania Twain

    3. Alex Trebek

    4. Céline Dion

    5. Ryan Reynolds

    6. Jason Priestley

    7. Caroline Rhea

    8. Hayden Christensen

    9. Rachel McAdams

    10. Robbie Amell

    11. Stephen Amell

    12. Michael Bublé

    13. Alessia Cara

    14. Michael J. Fox

    15. Nelly Furtado

    16. Cory Monteith

    17. And finally, Eugene, Dan, and Sarah Levy