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    30 Things That'll Help Make Cooking A More Relaxing Experience

    Automatic stirrers, shredding claws, and more essentials that'll help make your time in the kitchen less stressful.

    1. A pair of shredding claws for brisket, chicken, and pulled pork. Barbecue sandwiches will be so easy to assemble, thanks to these tiny tools that'll help you grasp and shred meat in minutes. You won't be struggling with a flimsy carving knife to get the job done.

    2. A reed diffuser that'll fill your kitchen with soothing scents (oh hi French lavender and sage) and help you unwind during busy cooking sessions. If you feel a little overwhelmed, just take a mini break, enjoy these aromas, and tell yourself "I got this."

    amber bottle of lavender and sage diffuser next to silver faucet

    3. An automatic stirrer, so you can chill and avoid annoying arm cramps from constantly stirring soup, sauce, or chili in a pot. Let this gadget do the ~grueling~ work for you and you'll be free to do more enjoyable kitchen tasks, like taste-testing your recipe or drinking some wine.

    blue and black auto-stirrer in a pot filled with eggs and veggies

    4. An colorful air fryer that'll crisp fries and wings to perfection without making a big mess. This baby quickly heats up to 6 quarts of food and doesn't leave nasty grease residue, thanks to air crisp technology. When you're done, just place the nonstick air fryer basket in the dishwasher for simple cleanup.

    red air fryer with fries inside non-stick air frying basket

    5. Foodie Dice, because you'll avoid the stressful discussion of "what should we eat for dinner tonight?" for the hundredth time. If you're in a meal rut, roll these babies to reveal a simple cooking method, protein, carb, seasonal veggie, and "bonus" ingredient combination. Bon Appétit!

    Hand holds Foodie Dice while making a meal with salmon and brussel sprouts

    6. A set of plastic storage containers that'll help extend the life of produce for up to two FREAKING weeks! You won't have to toss fruits or veggies frequently and you'll spare yourself the hassle of multiple grocery store trips. Yes to keeping your ingredients fresh in the fridge when you need 'em for recipes. ✨

    BuzzFeed editor Natalie Brown's before-and-after photo showing results of storing produce in storage container on left, wilted strawberry from original container and on right, non-wilted strawberry stored in produce saver

    7. A meal planning pad so you can map out your breakfasts, lunches, and dinners for the week and avoid the question of "what the heck am I going to eat?" when you're really busy. There's also space to write down ingredients and you can tear off a list before you go grocery shopping.

    hand writes on the white notepad with pink and green designs

    8. Taco holders to make garnishing and serving tacos less of a project. These colorful helpers have a curved design to prevent spillage and give tortillas a rounded shape. You'll feel at ease while you load them up with taco shells, meat, veggies, and cheese.

    9. A rotating pizza oven so you can bake a pepperoni, veggie, or plain pie without a complicated process. You'll be glad you didn't have to wait hours for your cheesy creation to come to life, because this doesn't require preheating like a standard oven or using a wobbly pizza peel for removal.

    Reviewer shows meat and cheese-covered pizza made with gray rotating pizza oven

    10. A baking mat with a nonstick surface (and measurements!) so you can make bread and pies like a pro. Instead of worrying about a slippery counter covered in flour, you can focus on kneading, rolling, and shaping dough that's *just right* for baked goods.

    Hands roll out slab of dough on white and red baking mat with measurements

    11. A Gobble subscription so you can whip up a homemade meal in (gasp) 15 minutes, thanks to pre-prepped ingredients sent straight to your door. If you have a busy schedule, you don't have to waste time chopping, marinating, or slicing. Just cook your recipe, relax, and eat. 😋

    12. Colorful oven mitts, because your hands will be insulated in a comfy cocoon whenever you're taking out a tray from the oven. These pretty gems will protect your digits and help you feel less stressed about handling hot meals in the kitchen.

    red, white, blue, and black-patterned oven mitts

    13. An all-in-one avocado slicer that'll divide, pit, *and* slice avocados for you. This nifty gadget ~halves~ the time it'll take to get these fruits ready for guacamole and toast. No more struggling to scoop out green flesh when you're really hungry.

    14. A penguin-shaped egg cooker to heat up hard-boiled eggs in minutes. This ~eggceptional~ device can fit up to six eggs at a time (buh-bye spoon lifting and scooping), and the handle doesn't overheat, so you won't have to worry about burning your hands while you cook 'em. How's that for a ~chill~ meal?

    15. A knife sharpener that'll get your blades in perfect shape for dicing onions, meat, tofu, and more. All you have to do is slide your knife into one of the slots and pull the knife through the slot from heel to top in your direction. Chopping up ingredients will be SO much easier, especially when you need to get dinner on the table ASAP.

    Hand uses green Goodful knife sharpener to sharpen large silver knife

    16. A dimmable, under-cabinet lighting kit to add a cozy ambiance to your cooking space. Instead of harsh lightbulbs shining in your face, you'll be surrounded by a soothing glow as you turn on the stove, add oil to a pan, and stir in ingredients.

    17. The Full Plate: Flavor-Filled, Easy Recipes for Families with No Time and a Lot to Do by Ayesha Curry because it's filled with easy, mouth-watering dishes you can make in less than an hour. Enjoy quick meals like Mushroom Tacos with Avocado Crema, Sheet Pan Pork Chops, and so much more.

    The cover of the book featuring author and chef Ayesha Curry

    18. A microwave pasta cooker for *chef's kiss* perfect spaghetti. Even if you don't have a stove, you can still make a delicious pasta dish at the speed of light. Just place your noodles in the container, add water, cook in the microwave, and drain. After a long day, you'll be unwinding and dining in little time.

    19. An anti-fatigue floor mat, so you'll feel less achy if you're constantly standing in the kitchen. This mat will literally feel like a cushioned pillow for your legs and feet while you're cooking for hours.

    model stands bare-footed on black anti-fatigue mat

    20. A bamboo cutting board with a juice groove that'll catch any water or liquid while you're slicing fruit, veggies, or meat. The next time you're chopping up celery, watermelon, or chicken, you won't be showered with juice or have to waste time wiping down a sticky countertop.

    21. Measuring spoons that'll ~bee~ helpful if your recipes require a lot of spices, condiments, and sugar. They're marked with measurements, so you'll avoid the stress of adding too little or too much of an ingredient when you're cooking.

    Wooden measuring spoons that say "Be Kind" with a bee design on the front

    22. A portable speaker, so you can listen to your favorite podcast or stress-relief playlist when it's time to get cookin'. Place this baby on a counter and you'll probably forget about loud appliances, dirty dishes, and other kitchen annoyances.

    23. A decorative pedestal bowl because lemons, oranges, and limes will be within an arm's reach if you need to juice them for meals. Instead of running back and forth between the counter and fridge, you'll have all your citrus ingredients in a convenient spot. 🍋

    woven pedestal footed bowl with green apples and lemons

    24. An electric hot pot that'll let you cook anything from ramen bowls to fried eggs. This gadget doesn't require a stove top (buh-bye pan clutter) and has an adjustable temp setting (no burns, yay!). You won't have to put a lot of thought into making a meal for once.

    25. A meal delivery service such as HomeChef so you can try different recipes *and* not spend hours in line at the supermarket. Ingredients and recipe cards are sent straight to your door, making it easy to cook new dishes that'll delight you and the fam.

    HomeChef Box with recipe ingredients, including veggies, meat, and fish, on a kitchen counter next to a booklet of recipe cards

    26. Pretty soup crocks just begging to be filled with chili, chowder, and stew when you're in the mood for comfort food. You'll feel like you're in a Cottagecore dream when IRL, you're just cooking a soothing meal and keeping it warm in a cute pot.

    Set of black, blue, red, and white floral soup crocks

    27. A five-in-one countertop cooker so you can prepare mouthwatering burgers, paninis, and salmon without firing up an outdoor grill. It cooks food quickly *and* doesn't take hours to clean up. You can still have a delicious and relaxing barbecue, even if you're not dining al fresco.

    Gray and black 5-in-1 countertop cooker with fresh orange pepper slices, broccoli florets, and a slab of salmon

    28. A breakfast sandwich maker to whip up a heavenly combo of eggs, peppers, and ham on an English muffin whenever you are craving brunch. Just place your ingredients into this multi-layer press and bam, breakfast is served. You won't be ~scrambling~ around the kitchen to assemble brunch again.

    29. An expandable rack, because you'll be in a better mood when all your skillets, pans, and glass lids are *in order* and easily accessible when you need 'em. If you're done sifting through a messy cabinet of cookware, this storage solution will make it easy to keep everything organized.

    white expandable cookware rack with neatly organized pots and pans

    30. And a three-in-one veggie chopper, slicer, and spiralizer, so you can have plant-based ingredients ready and not have trouble chopping them up. You'll get perfectly diced cucumbers, tomatoes, and onions for every meal and not stress over a dull knife again 👏.

    That feeling when you're having a chill cooking session:

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