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21 Hilarious Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up Being Caribbean

Rum over everything.

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1. When going to a Caribbean restaurant means adjusting your expectations.

2. And never pushing your luck too far.

3. When you're forced to develop a thick skin.

4. When you can easily spot a Caribbean from the crowd.

5. When "coming of age" means absolutely nothing.

6. When superstition ruins your plans.

7. And "having a bad feeling" is enough to put you off something completely.

8. When you're sick and tired of Sean Paul being the sole representative of the Caribbean.

9. When your parents' expectations are high AF.

10. And it sometimes seems like they're never happy.

11. When illness only has two remedies: tea or Vicks.

12. When every Caribbean household has some sort of over the top decoration.

13. And every grandma's house has these beads...

14. ...and this plastic "carpet".

15. When your version of traditional holidays looks pretty different to everyone else's.

Basically, no meal is without rice.
Twitter: @JarrieBradshaw

Basically, no meal is without rice.

16. When this guy was the only reason you got to see certain movies or hear certain music.

17. When your request to go out is unequivocally denied.

18. When this song was played at every single party you went to.

And probably still is.

And probably still is.

19. When you can recognise the taste of rum in anything.

20. When minding your manners means everything in your family.

21. And when being Caribbean means you have a completely different set of rules to everyone else.