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The Internet Responds To The Presidential Debate

The first debate was declared not a victory for either Obama or Romney, but for silly memes. The internet had a field day with Big Bird, but their efforts were aimed at multiple targets.

1. Chipotle Guy Was Shocked That Romney Wanted To Fire Big Bird

2. Obama Brought A Lightsaber

3. People Weren't Sure If Romney Was Running For President Of The United States Or Mayor Of Whoville

4. Lana Del Rey Showed Up

5. Hair Was An Issue


7. But Not The Only Topic Of Debate

8. The Most Contentious Issue, However, Was Jim Lehrer's Job As Moderator






14. The Day Of The Debate Happened To Coincide With "Mean Girls" Day, And On Wednesdays They Wear Pink

15. But The Movie Other People Were Reminded Of Was "Bridesmaids"

16. Tiny Face Mitt Romney Made An Appearance

17. As Did Many Tiny Obamas

18. McKayla Maroney Was Unimpressed

19. Hillary Was Diplomatic

20. But There Were No Hard Feelings

21. Right, Guys?

22. Besides, This Was Merely The Opening Act For Next Week's Main Event