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Oct 2016
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  • gabriellej4d2e6b52a's avatar

    gabriellej4d2e6b52a commented on Tell Us The Wildest Coincidence That Ever Happened To You!

    I was listening to an audiobook on the train, and the woman across from me kept asking me innocuous questions but I was really tired from work and not paying attention to her. Eventually I took an earbud out and apologized, said I'm really focused on this audiobook right now and don't… 

    6 months ago

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  • gabriellej4d2e6b52a's avatar

    gabriellej4d2e6b52a commented on What Movie Cliché Annoys The Hell Out Of You?

    Why are there always clusters of nuns in chase scenes? I have never seen nuns out and about in little flocks like that but there they always are, in the way of everyone who has ever run anywhere in any movie.

    3 years ago

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  • gabriellej4d2e6b52a's avatar

    gabriellej4d2e6b52a commented on What Little Detail In "Harry Potter" Totally Blew Your Mind?

    Oh - the introduction of the Obscurus in Fantastic Beasts means that's probably what Arianna Dumbledore was. Love that. Wrapping up mysteries I didn't even know existed.

    4 years ago

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