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What Is Your Roommate Horror Story?

These need to go beyond the ones who ate your food once.

Having roommates can be one of the best and funnest experiences you can have as an adult!

Then again, it can also be a huge test of your patience if you end up having a roommate or roommates who drive you up the wall because of their habits (like being a slob).

But then there are those roommates where it goes beyond dirty dishes and not replacing the toilet paper roll, and they are just true nightmares to live with.

So I want to know: What is your roommate horror story?

Woman frustrated at lazy roommate using digital tablet on sofa

For example, perhaps they constantly "borrowed" your clothes without your permission (even after you asked them not to) and would damage it or not return it all.

Or maybe they started sleeping with your S.O. behind your back because they found them attractive.

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Perhaps it wasn't you, but your BFF who got stuck living with a roommate who barely worked and never had money to pay for anything — so they got stuck with all the bills.

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Or maybe they always had things go missing because their roommate had some pretty questionable friends!

Image of open domestic safe on shelf with expensive jewelry falling out

Whatever roommate horror stories you have we want to know! Tell us and your response could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!