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22 Boyfriends Who Went The Extra Mile For A Laugh In 2021, And Deserve A Small Round Of Applause

They think they're SO funny. (They are.)

1. This boyfriend who turned a simple note into a whole story:

"Do not use toaster — it was smoking."

"Gave it a nicotine patch. It quit smoking. Give it words of encouragement to prevent relapse."

2. This boyfriend who fulfilled a dream:

3. This boyfriend who made a LITERALLY funny joke:

Close up of a small piece of coal recovered from the Titanic

4. This boyfriend who thought he was being oh-so-clever:

5. This boyfriend who is, er, very passionate:

6. This boyfriend who got a gift for the both of them:

7. This boyfriend who just HAD to go there:

8. And this _Office–_loving boyfriend who went above and beyond:

9. This boyfriend who is a very good listener:

His notes read:

I want the little clay things that are spread all around.

I can't do anything right now; I'm in the middle of cups.

We can't make the other one — we don't have the bigger machine.

Some random person is testing me.

I need more feet.

You're not worthy of my trust.

I feel like I have keyboards stuck to me.

How much left until the map is finished.

I can't remember why you were going to swap the apples.

Give me the flavorful items.

I can't fall asleep — I'll get in trouble. Bed bed bed bed bed bed bed.

The Parmesan doesn't go like that.

10. This boyfriend who just had some wholesome fun:

11. And this boyfriend who had some not-so-wholesome fun:

12. This boyfriend who was less than impressed:

13. This boyfriend who thinks he's a comedic genius:

i am Sick and james asked if i wanted toast so i requested “plain toast” twitter, he made me PLANE toast

Twitter: @schemeaoc

14. This boyfriend who went BIG when pulling a prank:


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15. And this boyfriend who went small for his prank:

16. This boyfriend who thought he could get away with this (and did for a bit):

17. This boyfriend who was on the cat's side:

18. This boyfriend who took a photo at JUST the right angle:

19. This boyfriend who just wants to liven up a boring meeting:

20. This boyfriend who likes to do an extra good job:

21. This boyfriend whose jokes inadvertently went too far:

22. And finally, this boyfriend who thought he was OH-SO-FUNNY:

BBQ Chicken Pizza customizations: Please send me an extra empty box that has "whatever" written in big letters in it because that's what my girlfriend said she wants.

H/T: r/funny

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