29 Times Rebel Wilson Was Really Fucking Funny On Twitter

    "Hey boobs, don't sweat it!"

    1. When she gave actually motivational reasons to exercise:

    I'm always stretching...just in case I'm needed for the Olympics...or a local dance battle x

    2. When she summed up the only reason you leave the house on the weekend:

    I hate when there's nothing to watch on TV...it makes me wanna get up and do something productive...

    3. When she summed up how you feel when Netflix won't stop buffering:

    When the cable TV stops working, so does my niceness x

    4. When she just put everything into perspective:

    I just found out I'm allergic to dogs and cats..thank god not unicorns or koalas...

    5. When she summed up what every woman wants to say to her boobs:

    6. When she showed you you aren't alone:

    Just so we're all clear: I didn't get out of pajamas all day today…BUT I did walk to the fridge eight times x

    7. When she finally spoke out about how much of a workout blow drying is:

    Who can train for a marathon? I'm currently training to be able to blow dry AND straighten my own hair without having to take a break x

    8. When she told the world her greatest fear:

    The scariest thing at 4am in the morning is: the fitted sheet on your bed coming off one corner and hitting you smack in the face!

    9. When she acknowledged all achievements, big and small:

    Only burnt 1 tit with our illegal fireworks display x

    10. When she never missed an opportunity for a pun:

    11. When she managed the impossible:

    I don't know how, but I just strained my thumb eating an ice cream sandwich x

    12. When she said what we were all thinking when we watch those programs:

    Is it weird that I wanna go on SURVIVOR just as an experiment to see how much weight I would lose without access to Ben & Jerry's??

    13. When she asked Justin Bieber out in the best way possible:

    Note to all girls: if you get a date confirmation in writing it's a legal document & that promise must be fulfilled

    No, really.

    @RebelWilson @KellyOsbourne and thanks for the note

    14. When she set realistic goals for herself:

    Things I've already achieved in 2016: not washing my hair for a week #skills

    15. When she rightly said that she should totally be in the Victoria's Secret fashion show:

    OMG can't wait to see me in the Victoria's Secret Fashion show tonight...WAIT...I'm not in it??? Whaaaat? But I'm a total ANGEL!!!!!!

    16. When she showed you that you don't need a spoon:

    I'm eating straight cream using my finger as a spoon...I think I've reached a new jet lag low X

    17. When she claimed to have totally made out with Harry Styles:

    Check us on ELLEN tomorrow...does this mean T Swift & I are now officially "spit sisters" X

    18. When she failed in ways you didn't even know were possible, and still made it work:

    At least once a week I walk out the door with a piece of clothing on inside-out. Today it was the bra x

    19. When she had all her priorities in the right order:

    I totally slutted it up for my new passport photo x

    20. When she finally spoke out about the hardest part of going to work:

    I really do put my health on the line for comedy! I had to wear the bra all day x

    21. When she summed up humanity:

    If you want to turn feral, it's easy, just spend more than 5 minutes at a water park in Summer x

    22. When she didn't miss out on an opportunity to be a businesswoman:

    I feel like Burger King should make me their new spokesperson X

    23. When she spoke out about this very real fear we've all had:

    Just had that terrible feeling when you wake up to see a lip pimple but for a second think, "oh no, how did I get Herpes?" #lipzitlucky

    24. When she knew what she wanted:

    I saw a sign that just said NUTELLA with an arrow. So I followed it.

    25. When she cared about the little things:

    I don't put body lotion on until after I've weighed myself coz I feel like that could make a huge difference...

    26. When she wrote the perfect internet dating profile:

    If I had an internet dating profile it'd probably say: LIKES: Lasagna, Theme Parks, Movies DISLIKES: Sweat mustaches...WAIT internet dating

    27. When she even got undressed like a BOSS:

    I never bend down to take off my underwear. I do this little kick-ball-change move to flick the undies up & then I catch them like a BOSS!

    28. When she made sure her clothing line had something for everyone:

    Yep, I'm bringing out a clothing line in November! #RebelforTorrid & if you're too skinny for it, you can buy the bag

    29. When she was just like us:

    I'm not too famous to eat crumbs off my chest x