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    43 Reasons The North East Will Ruin The Rest Of England For You

    It's not grim up north.

    1. Because in Durham you can rent one of these boats for a tenner and paddle through a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

    Flickr: timrawle

    That's Brown's boats if you're curious.

    2. And afterwards you can explore one of the greatest buildings in the world, for free.

    Flickr: 75487768@N04

    Durham Cathedral

    3. Because we might not get much sun, but the cold won't spoil the view.

    4. Because when the sun does come out, our coastline will take your breath away.

    Flickr: fredspoonphotos

    Marsden beach

    5. And it probably won't be very crowded.

    Ian Britton / Flickr: freefoto

    Blyth beach huts

    6. Because we have some of the best places for a winter's walk in the country.

    7. Because the cold brings a new kind of beauty you just don't get down south.

    Flickr: jixxer

    Dunstanburgh Castle and the aurora.

    8. Because sometimes a windy day is just what you need.

    Flickr: 33278177@N00

    Budle Bay, Northumberland

    9. Because we've got more castles than you can shake a stick at.

    Flickr: jwhitesmith

    Bamburgh Castle

    10. And a stately home or two as well.

    Flickr: cwilkinson

    Cragside, Tumbleton Lake. Cragside was the first house in the world to be lit by hydroelectric power.

    11. Because we have 100 miles of coastline that's a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

    Flickr: billyrichards

    Seaton Sluice

    12. And our rivers aren't bad either.

    Flickr: horrgakx

    River Coquet, Warkworth

    13. Because there's a piece of history around every corner.

    Flickr: dun_deagh

    A reconstruction of a Roman temple at the open-air museum at Chesterholm.

    14. And you can take a stroll down Hadrian's Wall and peek into Scotland.

    15. Because we have countless cute fishing villages to stop off at.

    16. Because Lindisfarne Holy Island is one of the most magical places in the country.

    Dave White / Flickr: dave-white


    17. Because its castle will take your breath away.

    Flickr: neil_roger

    Lindisfarne Castle

    18. You could spend hours exploring its ruins.

    Flickr: nuwandalice


    19. And there would still be more to find.

    Flickr: langleyo

    Lindisfarne Island, Northumberland

    20. Because we have a pub built into a cliffside.

    Flickr: boldonian

    Marsden Grotto

    21. Because there's no shortage of drama.

    Elvin / Flickr: 25228175@N08

    South Shields

    22. Because it's full of world class food.

    Flickr: flem007_uk

    Marco Pierre White Steakhouse

    23. Because the best fish and chips in the UK is probably in the North East.

    Marshall's fish 'n' chips shop in Tynemouth, and Colman's of South Shields.

    24. And there's plenty for your sweet tooth too.

    Velvet Elvis Durham and Di Meo's Ice Cream Whitey Bay.

    25. Because our locals are famously friendly.

    Flickr: smudge9000

    A puffin near the Farne Islands.

    26. And you'll definitely want to meet them.

    Flickr: smudge9000

    Staple Island

    27. Because we're one of the wildest places in England.

    Flickr: flickpicpete

    A kestrel on Lindisfarne.

    28. Because our goats sometimes look like this.

    John Dalrymple / Flickr: johndal

    A feral goat on the summit of Simonside in the Cheviots.

    29. And our sheep have pretty good views.

    Flickr: johndal

    Blackchester farm, near Alnham, Northumberland

    30. Because every town has something to offer.

    Flickr: swalophoto

    Market Place, Alnwick, Northumberland

    31. Because our bridges are something to be marvelled at.

    Flickr: itmpa

    Royal Border Bridge

    32. And every harbour is unique.

    Flickr: matthewhartley369

    Seahouses Harbour

    33. Because there's a cliff lift to take you down to the beach in Saltburn by the Sea.

    @_2011 Philip Edmondson. Philip / Flickr: philipedmondson

    Saltburn by the Sea cliff lift

    34. Because Newcastle is full of culture.

    Flickr: 75487768@N04

    Newcastle Millennium Bridge and The Sage Gateshead

    35. Because you can go shopping down streets like this.

    Flickr: 24124989@N00

    Central Arcade Newcastle

    36. Because there's something to do around every corner.

    Flickr: steve_riddle

    Tyneside cinema

    37. And it's the best place to get drunk in the country.

    Flickr: mfajardo

    Seriously, you haven't really been out OUT unless you've been out on the toon.

    38. Because it's actually a beautiful city as well as the most fun ever.

    Flickr: thunderchild5

    Dean Street, Newcastle

    39. And it's full of history too.

    Flickr: dun_deagh

    Castle Garth, Newcastle

    40. Because you'll never get bored of our endless sandy beaches.

    Flickr: heandfi


    41. Because we probably have the best piece of public art in the country.

    Flickr: v4idas

    "The Angel of the North"

    42. Because there'll always be another hill to conquer.

    Flickr: summonedbyfells

    Roseberry Topping

    43. Or something just around the corner you never knew was there.

    Flickr: kimey28

    High Force waterfall, River Tees

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