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The 27 Most Important Snapchats Of 2015

Snapchat is truly the art form of today.

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3. The Kylie Jenner lip challenge:

Britney Foster /

Why it's important: Because when historians look back to 2015 they will wonder what the beauty ideals of the day were. And just as we laugh at Victorian corsets and poke fun at Edwardian bustles, they will scorn us for our desire to possess Kylie Jenner's lips.


20. The puppy's first Snapchat:

Why it's important: Because emoji placement on Snapchat videos is an art in itself and needs the recognition it deserves.


24. The unicorn tragedy:

Why it's important: Because this shows us how Snapchat has taken over, and we really will do anything for a good story, even if it means taking an innocent mythical creature's life.

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