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Sorry Y'all, But Only People From The South Are Passing This Quiz

Are you really from the South, or are you just a big fake?

Farrah Penn 20 hours ago
Farrah Penn One day ago

18 Times Tumblr Was Incredibly Hilarious About "Twilight"

"Edward: You better hold on tight, spider monkey. Bella: Put me down I'm going home."

Farrah Penn One day ago

17 "OK Boomer" Jokes That Are So Clever They Deserve An Award

"Gonna ruin Thanksgiving this year by saying 'OK boomer' after the family prayer."

Farrah Penn 3 days ago

17 Times Tumblr Was Hilarious About YA Novels

"Realistic YA Novel: Just 300 pages of stressed out teens doing SAT prep."

Farrah Penn 4 days ago
Farrah Penn 4 days ago
Farrah Penn 4 days ago

18 Robert Pattinson Moments That Prove He's The Biggest "Twilight" Troll

"I had to do a lot of physical training and stuff but, uh...I didn't do it."

Farrah Penn 5 days ago

All The Best And Funniest Jokes About The New "Sonic The Hedgehog" Movie Glow Up

"Guys, if the Sonic the Hedgehog movie could pull itself together by the end of 2019, YOU CAN TOO."

Farrah Penn 9 days ago
Farrah Penn 9 days ago

Lush Released 40 New Holiday Products And They're Just So Good

You're about to smell very merry and bright.

Farrah Penn 10 days ago

18 Poop Horror Stories So Awful That They Deserve An Award

"When he was halfway up the stairs, I figured I'd fart a really loud fart to tease him. Except karma got the better of me and I sharted the wettest, grossest mess in my pants."

Farrah Penn 14 days ago
Farrah Penn 17 days ago

19 Funny Tweets About Netflix That Are Way Too Real

"My girl has my location shared and I promised her I was gonna go to the gym more so now I just sit here and watch Netflix.”

Farrah Penn 18 days ago
Farrah Penn 20 days ago
Farrah Penn 22 days ago
Farrah Penn 23 days ago
Farrah Penn 23 days ago
Farrah Penn 24 days ago
Farrah Penn 27 days ago