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    Here's The Weirdest Food Every State Is Known For, According To People Who Live There

    Chocolate gravy?!

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the weirdest food their state is known for. Here are all the strange suggestions.

    1. Alabama: White BBQ sauce

    brooketalbotcoI / Via

    "Alabama has white BBQ sauce. It's basically mayo, vinegar, and seasonings, but it's soooo good."


    2. Alaska: Akutaq

    _tundrarose / Via

    "Akutaq, otherwise known as Eskimo ice cream, is a combination of berries and some type of whipped fat. Traditionally caribou, moose, or walrus tallow, but a lot of people just use Crisco."


    3. Arkansas: Chocolate gravy / Via

    This type of gravy is made from fat, flour, cocoa powder, and sugar.


    4. Arizona: Sonoran hot dogs

    @guerocanelogram / Via

    "From Arizona, the Sonoran hot dog, which is a bacon-wrapped hot dog smothered with pinto beans, onions, tomatoes, and mayonnaise."


    5. California: Burritos with french fries

    juktilarjimena / Via

    "In California, we just put french fries in our burritos — and it's not that weird."


    6. Colorado: Rocky Mountain oysters

    highlandorchard / Via

    "Colorado is known for Rocky Mountain oysters aka deep fried bull testicles."


    7. Connecticut: Clam pizza

    sweettoothadventures / Via

    8. Delaware: Scrapple

    nicb1rd / Via

    This is scraps of pork combined with other meat and cornmeal, then fried and served.


    9. Florida: Gator

    ordinaryoutsider / Via

    "I’m from Florida, so I guess I would say gator. It’s usually breaded and fried. It’s a white meat and it truly does taste like chicken."


    10. Georgia: Pear salad

    "Pear salad here is made with canned pear halves, a spoonful of mayonnaise, shredded cheddar cheese, and topped with a maraschino cherry. These have been at every family gathering I’ve ever been to!" —chelseas4355623a3

    11. Hawaii: The Loco Moco

    icanbecheeky / Via

    Sadly no one submitted anything for Hawaii, but after some digging we the Loco Moco is a thing!

    12. Idaho: Ice cream potatoes

    georgettebsandy / Via

    "In Idaho, we have ice cream potatoes. Basically, it's a mound of vanilla ice cream molded to the shape of a potato that's dusted in cocoa powder so it looks brown. On top, they use whipped cream and other toppings to make it look like butter, gravy, etc."


    13. Illinois: Horseshoe

    davidtnil217 / Via

    "It's two slices of Texas toast topped with two hamburger patties, french fries, and cheese sauce. There are plenty of protein variances: ham, chicken strips, etc. I’ve also seen one with chili added so it’s like chili cheese fries with an extra surprise underneath."


    14. Indiana: Roast beef Manhattan

    ringlespaugh / Via

    "It's a roast beef sandwich and mashed potatoes, both of which are completely COVERED in brown gravy and sugar cream pie."


    15. Iowa: Loose meat sandwiches

    theguywearingglasses / Via

    "Imagine Sloppy Joes without the sauce or any seasoning, but on burger buns. They actually have restaurants dedicated to them."

    — Dean Neal, Facebook

    16. Kansas: Cinnamon rolls with chili

    sara_sweetstyledsimplicity / Via

    "Kansas LOVES to eat cinnamon rolls with chili."


    17. Kentucky: Wilted lettuce

    18. Louisiana: Boudin

    cheflove337 / Via

    A type of sausage.


    19. Massachusetts: Fluffernutters

    thehillyt / Via

    "The Fluffernutter (peanut butter and Fluff sandwich) was invented in Lynn, Massachusetts!"


    20. Mississippi: Banana sandwiches

    rachel.kelly.75685962 / Via

    "Banana sandwiches with mayo or pear salad (pear with mayo and shredded cheddar on top)."


    21. Maryland: Muskrat

    "Muskrat is popular on the eastern shore of Maryland...G-R-O-S-S."


    22. Maine: Needhams

    serenenewengland / Via

    "They’re candies that contain potato! They are mashed, like coconut, which is kinda weird." —paigel4f1fe6fdf

    23. Minnesota: Grape salad

    thebrowneyedbaker / Via thebrowneyedbaker

    "It's grapes, walnuts, and sour cream. Gag."


    24. Missouri: Provel cheese

    joshie_bizzle / Via

    "Provel cheese and St. Louis style pizza WITH provel cheese."


    25. Montana: Montana oysters

    missfayev / Via

    "In Montana, there is a yearly Testical Festival outside of Missoula during the summer where festival goers partake in eating bull testicles, or as my grandpa would call them, 'Montana Oysters.' I have never been to the festival or eaten bull testes myself, but my grandpa says it tastes 'chewy and stringy.'" — marissageesling2208

    26. Michigan: Faygo

    killertables / Via

    "Michigan doesn’t have any REALLY gross or weird foods. The only sort of strange item would be Cotton Candy Faygo, which I have a love-hate relationship with."


    27. New Hampshire: Cider donuts

    aesthetics.of.normalcy / Via

    Sadly no one submitted anything for New Hampshire, but after some digging we found cider donuts are a thing!

    28. New York: Garbage plates

    "Garbage plates! The base layer is mac salad, then french fries, then either hot dogs or cheeseburger, then hot meat sauce, THEN mustard, and onions. Crazy delicious blend of nonsense for those who don’t mind their food touching." —collinstout24

    29. North Dakota: Lutefisk

    el_pato_gordo / Via

    This is a white, gelatinous fish that has been soaked in lye and cold water for many days.


    30. New Jersey: Taylor ham

    the_brookwood / Via

    This pork-based meat is processed and served.


    31. North Carolina: Liver mush

    haberdish / Via

    "In North Carolina, a lot of people are fans of liver mush, which is made up of pig liver, spices, and cornmeal. I refuse to try it, but a lot of people I know swear by it!"


    32. Nebraska: Runza

    canningandcookingathome / Via

    This is a yeast roll filled with beef, cabbage or sauerkraut, onions, and seasonings.


    33. Nevada: Deep fried squid

    gamgeeeats / Via

    Sadly no one submitted anything for Nevada, but after some digging we found deep fried squid is a thing!

    34. New Mexico: Green chile sundae

    calichesfrozencustard / Via

    Sadly no one submitted anything for Nevada, but after some digging we found green chile sundaes is a thing!

    35. Ohio: Skyline Chili

    seanmryan87 / Via

    "Ohio’s weird food is Skyline Chili, which is spaghetti with this thin chili meat sauce and shredded cheddar cheese. Also, you can add raw onions and red beans with some hot sauce on top. Absolutely delicious! It sounds gross but once you try it, you're instantly addicted."


    36. Oklahoma: Lamb fries

    hey_wiggle / Via

    "I would think lamb fries are the weirdest thing Oklahoma is famous for. I mean, come on, they're literally deep fried lamb testicles."

    —Nathanael Cabral, Facebook

    37. Oregon: Blue Star donuts

    crystalxhan / Via

    "Blue Star donuts. They have interesting toppings."


    38. Pennsylvania: Cream chipped beef

    chewieschow / Via

    "Cream chipped beef, aka shit on a shingle."


    39. Rhode Island: Stuffies

    capecodcreatures / Via

    "It’s a clam and breadcrumbs mixture baked served in half a quahog shell."


    40. South Carolina: Tomato and sweet Vidalia onion sandwiches

    food_food2293 / Via

    "Here in the South Carolina, we often enjoy tomato and sweet Vidalia onion sandwiches with of course, Duke's Mayo, salt and pepper, and pimento cheese."


    41. South Dakota: Chislic

    sdchislicfestival / Via

    "Basically, it’s deep fried cubes of steak. Weird, but delicious."


    42. Texas: Hot Dr Pepper with lemon

    Dr Pepper / Via

    "Some Texans drink hot Dr Pepper with lemon in the winter! Sounds disgusting, but it is actually good."


    43. Tennessee: Slug burgers

    bryanroof / Via

    "It's a deep fried soy patty topped with pickle, mustard, and onion and served on a bun. They're called slug burgers because back in the day they cost a nickel."


    44. Utah: Fry sauce

    freddysusa / Via

    "Fry sauce is where it's at. It's basically mayo ketchup (sometimes barbecue sauce instead of ketchup)."


    45. Virginia: Ham biscuits

    thepartybee / Via

    "They're salty country ham on a biscuit. NO mustard, NO butter. Just ham and biscuit."


    46. Vermont: Sugar on snow

    morsefarm / Via

    "Every year there's a sugar on snow event where people literally eat giant bowls of snow from the ground covered in maple syrup. It's served with a pickle for some reason. I don't really understand the appeal."


    47. Washington: Geoducks

    taylorshellfish / Via

    "Geoducks are a kind of weird thing that make an appearance in a lot of seafood dishes in Washington (Seattle area especially). Even if you haven’t tried it, you've heard of it, and probably refused to try it because of how nasty it looks."


    48. West Virginia

    alzesz / Via

    "It’s not TOO weird, but West Virginia is known for pepperoni rolls."


    49. Wisconsin: Venison hot sticks

    beckyyackley / Via

    "For Wisconsin, definitely venison hot sticks."


    50. Wyoming: Elk

    saaga91 / Via

    "People in Wyoming are really big on elk. It was never my thing. It's gamey tasting and even though it's a pretty lean meat, I prefer beef."


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