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    Apr 12, 2020

    18 Wholesome Moments From Quarantine That Prove People Aren't The Actual Worst

    Trust me, you need this today.

    1. This dad who missed having backyard pizza parties, so he created a "take-out party" for his neighbors:

    2. This mother who wanted a place for squirrels to come and enjoy themselves:

    some wholesome content: my mom’s husband built a table for squirrels to sit and eat cookies also placed to welcome them

    3. The Zumba instructor who got her whole neighborhood working out from a safe distance:


    So my neighbor is a Zumba instructor & she’s still hosting a class but outside & ~socially distant~ 💀 LMAO

    ♬ original sound - alyssamarinooo

    4. This man who's helping this duck have the time of his life:

    5. This girl whose friends celebrated her 18th birthday with a social distancing parade:


    Happy 18th birthday to me, my friends made me cry🥺🥺💖

    ♬ original sound - haivenngrymes

    6. This community that put together the ultimate care package for their team of medical professionals:

    4 amazing people have built team of professional chefs, delivery drivers & local help groups (including my wonderful neighbours)to make wholesome food & medical visors for Northwick Park, Royal Free & Hammersmith Hospitals #LondonTogether @MayorofLondon

    7. This grandson who walked his grandparents through some movement exercises to help keep them mobile:

    8. This thoughtful quarantine birthday card:

    9. This dad who received this yummy gift from Sonic after they reduced their hours, preventing him from getting his morning breakfast before his 12-hour hospital shift:

    10. This family who had a "dress up as Dad" theme night:


    Quarantine has got us transforming into each other 😩 ##Covid19 ##quarantine ##fyp @official.beila

    ♬ original sound - acegosostoopid

    11. This wife who tried on her wedding dress after many years and surprised her husband, who had such a pure reaction:

    12. These friends who decided to go all-out and perform the new Disney parade inside their home:


    Did I recreate the new Disneyland parade at my house? Yes. Yes I did. Totally inspired by @user505429517019 ##disneyland ##disneylandclosed ##covid19

    ♬ original sound - jackgwood

    13. This mom and daughter duo who found a really creative way to pass the time:

    14. This couple who made the best of their date night:

    15. This couple who had a hilarious time updating their living room with a nice coat of paint:


    When your boyfriend paints the living room vs what you paint in the living room ##harrypotter ##fyp ##socialdistancing ##homeprojects ##quarantine

    ♬ Harry Potter Theme Song - Ost

    16. These friends who came up with a new and creative game to keep themselves entertained:

    17. This bride who decided to go ahead with a small wedding:


    bless these COVID19 brides cause they got it rough, so happy i got a new brother today and my sis married the love of her life🥰🥰 ##weddingvibes

    ♬ Can't Help Falling In Love (From Crazy Rich Asians) - Kina Grannis

    18. And finally, these creatives who came up with a newer version of Guess Who: