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23 Sister Horror Stories That'll Make You Say "Glad It Wasn't Me"

Every sister is embarrassing at some point.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the most embarrassing thing their sister has done to them. Here are the incredibly cringeworthy results.


1. The Nasty Surprise

"My sister borrowed my sweatpants, took a diarrhea shit in them, and put them back in my room. She didn't tell me what happened, and I had to find out when I put them on."

Submitted by danielleg49fc392ed

2. The Sticky Revenge

"I pulled a prank on my sister by putting a bowl of syrup on her chest while she slept. Naturally, she turned in her sleep and it got all over the place. So what does she do? She shaves half of my eyebrow the day before my high school dance! The worst part? it took nearly 10 years to grow the thing back."

Submitted by Jessica Mason, Facebook

3. The Big Reveal

"My sister and I were swimming in a hotel pool, and she wanted to do the Dirty Dancing lift. I trusted her and leapt into her arms. She then proceeded to pull down my bathing suit bottom and spin me around so everyone could see my butt. To this day, I still don't trust her in the pool."

Submitted by nataliea4d1254a65


4. The Llama Takeover

"When I was in high school and my sister was 12, she managed to log in to my Facebook account and change everything to llamas. My profile picture, cover photo, everything was llamas. My education was Llama University and my work history was Llama Incorporated. All of my recent photos and statuses were llamas. She then changed my password, and I wasn't able to de-llama my profile for a week until I figured out the new password."

Submitted by hannahh4424f4c00

5. The Numb Discovery

"When my sister was in dental school, she came home with a sample of numbing cream. She saw me and told me to try on this lip gloss she got, then proceeded to put it on me. I didn't notice anything peculiar until she stuck it in my mouth. My entire mouth was numb the rest of the evening."

Submitted by sarahv410b16305

6. The Long Walk Home

"I was at the local park with my sister and her guy crush. (My mom had made her bring me along.) I kept telling her I had to poop, and she kept telling me to hold it. Well, eventually I pooped my pants. It was only then that she painfully agreed to take me home. I had to walk block after block waddling so the poo chunks wouldn't smoosh together or touch me more than necessary."

Submitted by tiffanyh409850d3f


7. The Lunchbox Surprise

"When I was younger, I had a bad habit of leaving my dirty panty liners in my underwear when I did laundry. My sister always complained about finding soggy panty liners in the washer and I promised I would try to remember to remove them, but I rarely did. One day in middle school, as I was opening up my lunchbox in front of all my classmates, I find roughly 20 soggy, used panty liners in my lunchbox, placed there by my loving, caring sister."

Submitted by lenab4e5cfc92d

8. The White Lie

"After losing my first tooth, my sister convinced me there was a 'hair fairy,' too. Naturally, I chopped most of my hair off right before bed and stuck it under my pillow. I had bald spots for months."

Submitted by josephined40ca3e083

9. The One-Hit Wonder

"When I was in ninth grade I started singing Fleetwood Mac's The Chain in the shower when my sister comes in and secretly records me (I am a terrible singer, like REALLY BAD). She then played it in front of the guy I had a MAJOR crush on, as well as a million other people. I was mortified."

Submitted by Caroline Shaheed, Facebook


10. The Problematic Predicament

"My sister and I would go to the local arcade to win cool prizes when we were younger. One day we came home once with a very real looking (but fake) set of handcuffs. When my parents went to work, she took me out to the end of our street and handcuffed my arms around a stop sign."

Submitted by Erin Leigh Farrell, Facebook

11. The Backfired Prank

"We were at a crowded Chinese restaurant with my family, and my older sister told me her wasabi was pistachio ice cream. Being a naive 11-year-old, I took a huge scoop of the wasabi and scarfed it down. Two seconds later, I started crying because naturally it was wicked spicy. In the end, I was the one who got in trouble for making too much noise in the restaurant."

Submitted by Ash Braga, Facebook

12. The Toilet Experimentation

"When I was about one or two, my older sisters thought it would be a good idea to see if I could float. Instead of trying it in a pool like normal people, they put me in a toilet and then flushed. Needless to say, they were unsuccessful."

Submitted by Will Harmonay, Facebook

13. The Inappropriate Timing

"At my sister's wedding, I concluded my maid of honor speech by quoting, 'and I'm sorry about that time you got diarrhea in Barnes & Noble.' Some genius captured a photo of that very moment, making it probably the best and worst day of her life since roughly 90% of her guests did NOT understand the fact that I was making a Mean Girls reference and actually thought she shit her brains out at the book store."

Submitted by dameffy

14. The Evil Surprise

"In third grade, my sister emptied my lunch box with human food and filled it with dog food. I didn't know until lunch time."

Submitted by kristal456403654

15. The Brace Face Incident

"This happened around the time I had just gotten braces. I guess I was talking a lot or something, because my sister wanted me to shut up. I wouldn't be quiet, so she grabbed a stick of deodorant and rubbed it against my braces. It took hours to get it out, and my mouth felt like you'd imagine it would feel covered in deodorant."

Submitted by carolenam


16. The Surprise Pee

"My family was staying at a hotel on a road trip and my sister and I went to the pool — which is typically the highlight of our stay. This pool, however, was extremely cold. But we were determined to have fun, so we got in. Unbeknownst to me, my sister peed into the pool and convinced me she had found a warm spot. I stuck my face and stood in her filthy pee water for a good ten minutes."

Submitted by livelovelyds

17. The Tampon Proclamation

"I had a female emergency at school and ran to my sister's locker to see if she had a tampon. Being the loving sister she is, she shouted down the hallway, 'Hey, does anyone have a tampon? My little sister is bleeding through her khakis!'"

Submitted by shaek44cc1d2ce

18. The Unsweet Revenge

"When I was ten, my sister was in high school. One day she had some friends over (a couple of hot guys) and I was in the kitchen wearing sweatpants. I wanted to impress her friends, so I started making fun of her. She got really pissed and in return, pulled my pants (with my underwear) down in front of them. I started crying and ran to my room. After that, I wouldn't come out when she had friends over."

Submitted by anaab


19. The Sticky Situation

"When I was little, I sat in some gum at the airport. It got stuck to my jeans and wouldn't come off. Not only did my mum bend me over while she tried to pick it off my bum, but my charming sister grabbed the video camera and started taping it. I was crying, my mum was picking at the gum, and my sister was repetitively screaming, 'CHEWING GUM BUM!' We still have that tape somewhere."

Submitted by Samantha Louise, Facebook

20. The Missed Opportunity

"Once, my family and I were at the pool. While I was swimming, a couple of hot guys asked my sister for my name so they could talk to me. My sister told them my name was Gertrude, which is a lie. They kept yelling my 'name,' but obviously I didn't answer. They thought I was ignoring them the whole time!"

Submitted by johnl4458acf9b

21. The Gift of Giving

"When I was in middle school, my older sister found out that I had bought myself a thong while at the mall with friends. She decided to buy me more for Christmas and made me open a whole box of them in front of everyone, including my dad and brother-in-law. I was mortified."

Submitted by katiebaumannj

22. The Concerned Sibling

"One time I came home to visit, but I was on my period. I used the restroom and I guess the toilet didn't flush all the way, because my eight-year-old sister came running out of the bathroom after me. In front of my whole family, she exclaimed that there was bloody toilet paper in the toilet. I was mortified."

Submitted by shawnies

23. The Not-So-Helping Hand

"One time, my sister was using the bathroom and ran out of toilet paper. She kept yelling asking for me to get her some, but naturally as her older sister, I just kept responding 'what?' and acting like I didn't hear her. After a few times, she yelled, 'if I have to ask one more time, I'm gonna wipe my ass on your floor!' I obviously thought she was kidding, so I responded with 'what?' She then came running in with her pants down and rubbed her bare, dirty ass on my carpet floor. Lesson learned."

Submitted by racheld48c6480c6


Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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