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    Posted on Sep 15, 2016

    16 Photos That Will Kill The Magic Of Cinema For You

    Good thing it looks cool on TV!

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    1. The time the Marvel characters were just like the rest of us:

    Disney / Via

    2. These Jurassic World raptors who are much less intimidating:

    the raptors in jurassic world without cgi AHAHAHA

    Universal Pictures

    3. This Jungle Book scene:

    Disney / Via

    4. And this fight scene that seems way less epic:

    Not so tough without your cgi now are you.


    5. This Ninja Turtle who looks like some weird alien from the future.

    Behind-The-Scenes | TMNT Movie - What CGI Ninja Turtles look like without makeup.

    Paramount Pictures

    6. And the Mother of Dragons who appears to be stroking some kind of Swiffer product:

    Without the CGI, #GameofThrones Khaleesi is revealed as Daenerys Stormborn, Mother Of Gherkins.


    7. These Marvel scenes that definitely take the action down a notch:


    8. The extremely tame tiger on set:

    Life of Pi with and without CGI. '

    20th Century Fox

    9. This person's job:

    "please briefly describe your dream job"


    10. And this person's:

    I am more into the idea of watching the new Jungle Book film /without/ any of the CGI


    11. This Gollum who looks a lot less sinister:

    #woahdude: Movies without CGI |

    New Line Cinema

    12. These Harry Potter moments that don't have the same magic:

    behind the scenes of harry potter without the effects and cgi is so weird

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    13. This Iron Man scene minus the super cool Iron Man suits.

    Iron Man without CGI just looks like a couple of dudes ready for a LARP battle.


    14. This Dekaranger moment that takes the coolness out of flying:

    This is far less impressive without the CGI. #Dekaranger

    Toei Company

    15. This shot of Davey Jones looking a lot less malicious:

    Some of the best cgi in cinematic history.


    16. And finally, this Twilight moment that proves making movie magic happen is definitely weird, but cool:

    Summit Entertainment / Via

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