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    16 Intriguing Behind-The-Scenes Facts About The New "Little Women" Movie

    Meryl Streep wanted to play Aunt March from the very beginning.

    1. Saoirse Ronan (Jo March) and Greta Gerwig (director) both kept a copy of the bound Little Women book that is published at the end of the movie.

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    2. The memories from childhood are shot with a specific filter to give it a golden glow, while the adulthood scenes are shot with a colder feel.

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    3. Saoirse said Florence Pugh (Amy March) did this scene about twenty times, and each time was funnier than the last.

    4. During filming the carriage scene, Meryl Streep (Aunt March) was cold and told Florence, "I would just kill for some fries right now." Ten minutes later, a PA delivered Wendy's fries for everyone.

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    5. Meryl Streep didn't audition for the role of Aunt March — she straight up told Greta that she would play her and asked Greta to write her that part.

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    6. Similarly, Saoirse told Greta that she would be Jo and that she'd make a great Jo, and Greta knew she was right for the part.

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    7. It was Florence's idea to wear the fairy wings while burning Jo's book.

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    8. Greta said it was Timothée's (Laurie) idea to be standing on the chair when he's supposed to be learning Latin in the scene where he spots Amy outside.

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    "It was a good idea! It was funny!" Greta said.

    9. Greta Gerwig chose to shoot the movie in Concord, Massachusetts, because that was where it was set in the book and she wanted to stay true to it.

    10. Each of the March sisters is defined by a certain color palette, and the choice was intentional.

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    11. Marmee's costume was intentional as well, incorporating the colors from all of her girls.

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    12. Stylistically, there are also pieces representing the four Marches in her hair.

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    13. Emma Watson saw feminism in the way that Meg makes the choice to be married and make a loving home for herself and her family, because that's what was important to her.

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    14. The cast had a few different group texts going throughout the length of filming, and one chat was called "Marmee." They also had to teach Laura Dern how to use WhatsApp.

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    15. Saoirse said she punched Timothée "at least twenty times" in the scene where they are all leaving the theater.

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    16. Finally, Emma was grateful and impressed that Greta would always ask, "Do you want another [take] or are you happy?" at the end of each scene. She said that it's very rare for a director to do that.

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