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    These Are The Best Places To Take Instagram Pictures In Each State, According To People Who Live There

    Utah's Mystic Hot Springs are an amazing sight!

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    Charlotte Gomez for BuzzFeed

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the most Instagrammable place in their state. Here are the replies that will truly give you a case of the travel bug.

    1. Alabama: The color tunnel.

    sitos.view / Via

    "It's in Birmingham, Alabama! Epic aesthetics."


    2. Alaska: Denali National Park.

    jessia_coughran_605 / Via

    "Alaska has so many beautiful sights, but some of the most gorgeous pictures can be taken in Denali National Park." β€”babybunbun

    3. Arizona: Sedona.

    adamschallau / visitsedona / Via

    "Anyone who says the Grand Canyon is lying. It is 100% Sedona, AZ."


    4. Arkansas: Eureka Springs.

    adinmarie / Via

    "In Eureka Springs, Arkansas there’s a beautiful staircase painted with a mural!” β€”hannahgracef3

    5. California: The Paul Smith wall.

    hajimex7 / Via

    "The Paul Smith wall on Melrose in West Hollywood." β€”shrivercircus

    6. Connecticut: Foxwoods Resort Casino.

    fashionismypriority / Via, foxwoods / Via

    "Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut always shows up great in photos." β€”alixb40fa4db5f

    7. Colorado: Lost Gulch Lookout.

    lucascatania / Via

    "Lost Gulch Lookout in Boulder, Colorado! It is easily the most iconic, unique, Instagrammable place in the state."


    8. Delaware: Valley Garden Park., cgreco88 / Via

    "Valley Garden Park in Wilmington, Deleware."β€”kathym432075954

    9. Florida: Wynwood Walls.

    smileandtravell / Via,

    "I’d say Wynwood Walls. Super pretty. You can get some great shots there." β€”laydelia

    10. Georgia: Stone Mountain Park.

    stonemountainpark / Via


    11. Hawaii: Lanikai Pillbox hike.

    brittanicole._ / Via

    "Lanikai Pillbox Hike on Oahu!" β€”naomis43371ea67

    12. Indiana: Morgan Monroe State Forest.

    sunnhunt / Via


    13. Iowa: The mural wall.

    aninam2001 / Via, calilou / Via

    "Des Moines, Iowa has a mural wall downtown. It’s pretty iconic." β€”melaniem4a8088074

    14. Illinois: Starved Rock.

    marielakovachka / Via, shelbydiamondstar / Via

    "If you're looking for somewhere more nature-y than Chicago in Illinois, definitely check out Starved Rock! Great for Instagram pictures and hiking!"


    15. Idaho: Sun Valley Resort.

    kaigo__ / Via, travelingthompsons / Via


    16. Kansas: Grinter's Sunflower Farm.

    michelle_wegner / Via, cortney_shae / Via

    "Grinter's Sunflower Farm in Lawrence, Kansas."


    17. Kentucky: Red River Gorge.

    brian2774 / Via, danielwoody / Via

    "Red River Gorge in Kentucky! It’s so beautiful!"


    18. Louisiana: St. Louis Cathedral.

    ricardoxxlpz / Via, thesaramachine / Via

    Nobody submitted anything for the amazing Louisiana, so we found a popular spot is St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans.

    19. Maine: Acadia National Park.

    naturalnewengland / Via, jkputnamphoto / Via


    20. Maryland: Great Falls National Park.

    e7y6 / Via

    "Maryland has a lot of great places where you can get good Instagram pics, but in my opinion, Great Falls National Park is the first one that comes to my mind. ESPECIALLY in the fall." β€”tabethap

    21. Massachusetts: Cape Cod.

    lisamgenthner / Via

    "Cape Cod, Massachusetts!" β€”meagaladon

    22. Michigan: Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park.

    _grhein / Via, great_tree / Via

    "Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park in Michigan. Absolutely stunning."


    23. Minnesota: The "I Like You" mural.

    nathanlphoto / Via, jps_captures / Via

    "The 'I Like You' mural in Minneapolis and the top of the Foshay Tower!"


    24. Mississippi: The Fondren area.

    msyogini / Via

    "The Fondren area in Jackson, Mississippi. They've got a great art scene, look them up!" β€”thekatherine

    25. Missouri: Art Hill.

    bandit3_ / Via

    "Art Hill is pretty popular in St. Louis, Missouri."


    26. Montana: Glacier National Park.

    merknmountains / Via

    "In Montana, it would have to be anywhere in Glacier National Park."


    27. Nebraska: Toadstool Park.

    tiablacren / Via

    Nobody submitted anything for the amazing Nebraska, so we found a popular spot is Toadstool Park in Harrison, Nebraska.

    28. Nevada: The Neon Museum.

    tomwright156 / Via, iamcosmopolitan_ / Via

    "The Neon Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada. I’ve never been, but hope to get there this summer. There are signs from casinos I grew up with, so I think it’d be cool to take that trip down memory lane." β€”dvnrae

    29. New Hampshire: White Mountain National Forest.

    northeasthikers / Via, zamudiolm / Via

    "White Mountain National Forest in New Hampshire! The camping, hiking and climbing all have spectacular views for those who can’t get enough of mountain scenery!" β€”jessicadeane09

    30. New Jersey: Buttermilk Falls.

    jonli418 / Via

    "One of my favorite spots is Buttermilk Falls in Walpack, New Jersey. It has so many breathtaking and picturesque spots there." β€”theblackimpala74

    31. New Mexico: Taos Pueblo.

    bondy68 / Via

    "Taos Pueblo, New Mexico. The apartment style buildings are over 1,000 years old and still occupied by the Taos people."


    32. New York: Letchworth State Park.

    powderedtoastgurl / Via

    "I dare you to publish a New York site that isn't in New York City. Here's my suggestion: Letchworth State Park. Gorges? Check. Waterfalls? Three of 'em. Lush green trails in the spring and summer? Mmm hmm. Fall foliage? As much as you can handle in September/October. A fountain that freezes solid into a two-to-three story tall ice sculpture in the frigid NY winters? Yup. All in one park."


    33. North Carolina: Blue Ridge Parkway.

    natebowery / Via

    "Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina! Beautiful mountains, wildlife, meadows, it's beautiful and there's a lot to see and do."


    34. North Dakota: Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

    kate_lockhart / Via

    "Theodore Roosevelt National Park is so pretty."


    35. Ohio: Hocking Hills.

    ashy_adventures / Via


    36. Oklahoma: Philbrook Museum.

    jeanethcardenas / Via

    "Philbrook Museum in Tulsa, Oklahoma!"


    37. Oregon: The Columbia River Gorge.

    caseygillingham / Via

    "The Columbia River Gorge in Oregon. Miles and miles of beautiful hikes and waterfalls, on either the Washington or Oregon side of the river." β€”cassc4b5b550b0

    38. Pennsylvania: Kinzua Bridge.

    monicane / Via

    "Kinzua Bridge in Mt. Jewett, Pennsylvania." β€”harleyanderaon1419

    39. Rhode Island: Beavertail Park.

    maaylii / Via

    "Beavertail Park in Rhode Island is often overlooked by tourists who want the buzz of Newport, but on your way there stop on the island of Jamestown for some truly amazing cliffs and instagram worthy views!" β€”samanthac4e4b80c19

    40. South Carolina: Rainbow Row.

    lyonswithluggage / Via

    "Rainbow Row in Charleston, South Carolina. You can hardly walk down the street during tourist season."


    41. South Dakota: Sioux Falls.

    cuadrosph / Via, shanu_iyer / Via

    Nobody submitted anything for the amazing Louisiana, so we found a popular spot is Falls Park in Sioux Falls.

    42. Tennessee: Sunset Rock.

    stephlcam24 / Via

    "Sunset Rock or Signal Mountain in Chattanooga, Tennessee."


    43. Texas: Jacob's Well.

    always_be_blooming / Via

    "Jacob's Well in Wimberley, Texas near Austin." β€”thelastunicourt

    44. Utah: Mystic Hot Springs.

    mystichotsprings / Via Instagram: @mystichotsprings, meloweeniee / Via

    45. Vermont: Lake Willoughby.

    eric_ossola / Via

    "Lake Willoughby in the North East Kingdom. It’s a gorgeous crystal clear lake situated between two mountain peaks, it’s stunning!" β€”cearal2

    46. Virginia: Deltaville.

    47. Washington: Cape Disappointment.

    taylorwashburn / Via, kendallwhelpton / Via

    "Cape Disappointment in Neah Bay, Washington! During a clear day (or even cloudy), the water is amazingly blue and it is gorgeous year around. It’s an easy hike to the tippiest point of the Washington peninsula and it’s definitely a must-see."


    48. West Virginia: Lindy Point.

    hanogrammm / Via

    49. Wisconsin: Door County.

    ecowles4 / Via

    "Door County, Wisconsin is awesome!"


    50. Wyoming: the Grand Tetons.

    jesswilliamsphoto / Via

    "For Wyoming, it would have to be in front of the famous Mormon Row in view of the Grand Tetons. It is so quintessentially Wyoming and so spectacularly beautiful."


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