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Here Are The Most Iconic Drinks From Each US State

What are YOU drinking?

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We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share which alcoholic drinks are popular in their state. Here are some of the best results:


6. Colorado: Craft beer.

brewventures / Via

"We have the second most breweries in the country (beat only by California's large size) and the third highest amount per capita (beat by Vermont's small size, and by Oregon's drive to be the number one hipster state in all the land)." —smokinace1113

7. Connecticut: White wine.

winebosses / Via

*Editor's Note: No one submitted anything for Connecticut, but we looked around and white wine seems to be a winner. Plus, did you know in 2014 that Connecticut beat out California in wine consumption?


11. Hawaii: Mai Tai for tourists, "green bottles" for locals.


13. Illinois: Bloody Mary with Chicago Absolut.

lapalapaderaulpuebla / Via

"Bloody Mary with Chicago Absolut (olive and rosemary infused vodka). Served with a Leinie's summer shandy chaser. Ahhhh, I love the midwest." —Stacey and Dennis Ponczek, Facebook


17. Kentucky: Bourbon, straight.

itsgenekim / Via

"Obviously, we drink a lot of bourbon in Kentucky. Not usually mixed with anything, though. Very few people actually drink things like mint juleps unless it's Derby season." —Rachel Hempel, Facebook

19. Maine: Allen's Coffee Brandy.

sassylooksbydebbylynn / Via

"Allen's coffee brandy with milk. It will get you through any kind of snow or ice storm, which is why the shelves at the grocery store are cleaned out of it the night before every nor'easter!" —shannonc4952d579f


23. Minnesota: Beertini/Midwest martini.

tkopka / Via

"Michelob Golden Light/Ultra (or any kind of light domestic beer) with olives for Minnesota, also known as a beertini/midwest martini. I worked in a sports bar here and every other person who came in would order it. I'd like us to be known for classier drinks, but this is apparently what the people want!" —Anna Coleman, Facebook


37. Oregon: Craft beer.

thedrunkskunk / Via

"Oregon has so many craft breweries but I’d say the most popular are Deschutes Brewery, who’s known for the Black Butte Porter, and Ninkasi Brewing Company, who are known for the Total Domination IPA. Both breweries are super popular around the state and they’re a must have at the bar." —elizabethmorganw


49. Wisconsin: Brandy Old Fashioned

wiscocktail / Via

"The Old Fashioned. A lot of people associate Wisconsin with beer and it's a fine second, but it's the Old Fashioned." —Kara Budde and Jodie McGowan, Facebook

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Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.