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16 Country Songs You Couldn't Get Enough Of In 2007

"Our song is a slamming screen door..."

1. "Our Song" — Taylor Swift

Big Machine Records, LLC / Via

Memorable lyrics: "Our song is a slamming screen door / Sneaking out late tapping on your window."

2. "Wasted" — Carrie Underwood

Arista / Via

Memorable lyrics: "I don't wanna spend my life jaded / Waiting to wake up one day and find / That I let all these years go by / Wasted."

3. "I Need You" — Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

Curb / Via

Memorable lyrics: "Like a lighthouse on the coast / Like the father and the son need the Holy Ghost / I need you."

4. "Don't Blink" — Kenny Chesney

BNA / Via

Memorable lyrics: "And you're praying God takes you instead / Trust me friend a 100 years goes faster than you think / So don't blink."

5. "All My Friends Say" — Luke Bryan

Capitol Nashville / Via

Memorable lyrics: "And all my friends say / I started shooting doubles / When you walked in / All my friends say / I went a little crazy / Seeing you with him."

6. "Long Trip Alone" — Dierks Bentley

Capitol Nashville / Via

Memorable lyrics: "So maybe you could walk with me a while / Maybe I could rest beneath your smile / Maybe I could feel right beside you till I'm home / 'Cause it's a long trip alone, a long trip alone."

7. "Stand" — Rascal Flatts

Lyric Street / Via

Memorable lyrics: "Wipe your hands, shake it off / Then you stand, yeah, then you stand."

8. "Because of You" — Reba McEntire and Kelly Clarkson

UMG Records / Via

Memorable lyrics: "Because of you / I never stray too far from the sidewalk."

9. "Firecracker" — Josh Turner

MCA Nashville / Via

Memorable lyrics: "She's a firecracker / She's the light of my life."

10. "I Told You So" — Keith Urban

Capitol Records Nashville / Via

Memorable lyrics: "Please just come back home / No, don't say that you're sorry / And I won't say I told you so."

11. "Online" — Brad Paisley

Arista Nashville / Via

Memorable lyrics: "I'm so much cooler online / Yeah I'm cooler online."

12. "Find Out Who Your Friends Are" — Tracy Lawrence

Lawrence Music Group / Via

Memorable lyrics: "They just show on up with that big old heart / You find out who you're friends are."

13. "Anyway" — Martina McBride

RCA Records / Via

Memorable lyrics: "You can pour your soul out singing / A song you believe in / That tomorrow they'll forget you ever sang / Sing it anyway / Yeah, sing it anyway."

14. "Lost In This Moment" — Big & Rich

Warner Bros. Records / Via

Memorable lyrics: "Lost in this moment with you / I am completely consumed."

15. "Famous In A Small Town" — Miranda Lambert

Columbia Nashville / Via

Memorable lyrics: "Hey words gonna get around / Everybody dies famous in a small town."

16. "A Woman's Love" — Alan Jackson

BMG Music / Via

Memorable lyrics: "Well I have kissed it / Tried to resist it / I have missed / A woman's love."

Listen to all these throwback jams here:

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