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24 Things Gynecologists Want You To Know About Your Vagina

"Is this normal?!"

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us questions they had about their vaginas that they were too scared to ask.

Then we spoke with board-certified gynecologists Dr. Mary Jane Minkin, clinical professor of obstetrics, gynecology, and reproductive science at Yale School of Medicine; and Dr. Alyssa Dweck, a Westchester-based OB-GYN and co-author of The Complete A to Z for Your V, to get their expert responses on these questions.

And here's what they had to say:

1. Is a bumpy inner labia normal? —Kara Shank, Facebook

2. Is it common to get multiple hair strands (like two to four) growing out of one hair follicle in the pubic area? And is there a way to fix that? —LaSangronaCabronaMasChingonona

3. Is it normal for my labia to be sticking out? —Anonymous

4. Does the "shape" of your vulva — an innie, an outie, or somewhere in between — mean anything for your health or sexual health? —KC

5. When aroused, where does the wetness of the vagina come from? Also, what is its proper name and what is it composed of? —Lorena Garca Cedillo, Facebook

6. How often is TOO often to be masturbating? Is it possible to damage the clit from "excessive" masturbation? —a4737ea63c

7. Vaginal penetration does absolutely nothing for me. If anything, it turns me off. Is it normal to feel no pleasure from penetration? —Anonymous

8. How much (if any) bleeding is normal after having sex for the first time? I know people who didn't have any bleeding at all while others were spotting for days after. —nms124

9. It's really hard for me to get wet and STAY wet during sex. What's the cause and how do I fix that? I know lube is a thing, but it just doesn't feel safe or healthy for my body. —brittanyb4814452ad

10. Does frequent, deep penetration contribute to infertility? —Anonymous, Facebook

11. Is there any way to know if your cervix is low? My significant other and I can't do certain positions because the sex is so painful for me. If he goes too deep I feel a sharp pain and we have to stop or else I will get cramps. —ccrg94

12. What can women use to keep from being too sweaty in the genital region throughout the day now that baby powder is no longer an option? —Bellawish

13. Is it okay if I sweat a lot down there? Like, literally my underwear is damp all the time! I take showers every day and I consider myself a very clean person but this issue bothers me and makes me really uncomfortable. —pauucasillasb

14. I feel that I have discharge every day of my life and it is really hard to wear leggings without smelling an odor coming from down there. Is there something I could do to make this stop? —kiana

15. What does a clean vagina smell like? Does it have no scent? —maddiec49bdbe126

16. Sometimes I get a discharge that has a goo- and snot-like consistency. Is that normal? —hallef49aed4aa1

17. Would using scented lotion on your vulva have a negative effect on your pH balance or cause other harmful problems? —thelittlecanadian92

18. How do you get comfortable putting a tampon in? I get so nervous that I might hurt myself that I can't do it. —splishplashrain

19. I use a menstrual cup, and after two to three days of wear, I get so itchy! I only rinse the cup with very hot water when I change it out. I was washing with soap, but I read that might be what is causing the irritation. Still itches even without using soap. Is this a normal problem? —tatorbubbles

20. I've missed my period the past couple of months but I'm not sexually active. Is this normal? —yasminenegrete

21. Is there any scientific proof that you can experience less PMS, pain, blood, and shorter periods by switching to a menstrual cup and/or cloth pads? —Erika Drewke, Facebook

22. Will being overweight affect the effectiveness of my implant birth control? —katt4f8ab9aa2

23. I currently can't get birth control and without it I don't have a period due to my polycystic ovary syndrome. I haven't had a period since December and I was wondering if I'm still ovulating. I know my uterine wall isn't shedding, but I'm not sure if anything else isn't working. —cheramiefaithw

24. I have uneven legs (one shorter than the other), and therefore, uneven hips. Is it safer to give birth vaginally or via a C-section? —Alexa92

Responses have been edited for length and clarity.

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