13 Specific Things That Are Always Made To Look Fun In Movies But Aren't Actually Fun In Real Life

    "Making out with someone first thing in the morning. Why do morning breath and full bladders not exist in the movies?"

    I think we can all agree that TV shows and movies often glamorize things in everyday life that aren't — in fact — that great or even fun at all. Recently, members of the BuzzFeed Community chimed in to share their thoughts on what everyday things on the big screen are made to be better than they actually are. Here are some of them.

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    1. "Moving in. It’s always so fast and easy. Girls in a cute sloppy bun and overalls. Moved in overnight. Yeah, right."


    an adult and a little kid taking boxes out of a moving truck

    2. "Fights in films are always well-coordinated affairs usually between skilled opponents — instead of the messy rumble they really are. That Stepbrothers fight is more realistic than most action films."


    two adults fighting outside

    3. "Childbirth. It doesn't happen so fast and cleanly! The amount of pain, blood, and other fluids are much more. You are in labor for so long. Yet in the movies, the first contraction is an indication of beginning a race to the hospital and the baby comes right after you push the first time. All pink and cute and smiling. No. They come out purple and crinkly and their head is crooked."


    4. "Showering with your significant other. I can’t get over the water temperature preferences. I love a steaming hot shower and my hubby likes it lukewarm. He says the water I like burns his skin so I turn it down and the lukewarm water makes me feel cold and uncomfortable. It’s a no for me."

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    5. "The one-hit knockout in movies to the back of the head or neck causes traumatic brain injury or at least a concussion. You don’t just wake up later feeling dazed."


    6. "Sleeping through the night. I wake up five times to pee."


    7. "That mental illness is beautifully dramatic and/or 'cured' by falling in love or having a grand soul-searching adventure or something, and not something that can hamper even the most minor of everyday tasks and will always be an issue even with therapy and medication."


    8. "Making out with someone first thing in the morning. Why do morning breath and full bladders not exist in the movies?"

    kris jenner saying, "this is ridiculous"

    9. "Apartment fire in movies and TV: flames from floor to ceiling light up the burning space, and anyone can run in while keeping their sleeve over their nose and mouth. Apartment fires in real life: pitch black and toxic. Other than firefighter teams in PROPER PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT, no one should go inside."


    10. "Standing outside in the rain. Almost all romantic movies have one scene where the characters kiss and/or argue outside in the rain. I hate having wet clothes on me and all I can think about is getting in my warm, dry pajamas when I get stuck in the rain."

    two people kissing in the rain

    11. "Writing. Real writers stare at the blank screen or page for 10 minutes trying to come up with something, and are constantly going back and deleting stuff."


    12. "Hollywood glamorizes being poor or living paycheck-to-paycheck. I feel like they equate poverty with street smarts, hidden wisdom, general coolness 'free spirit' energy. Yeah, most of us actually don't have time to be cool between our three jobs."


    13. "Hospital doctors are available 24/7 and they wait for you to wake up in your room to explain to you what happened. When in reality you’d be lucky if they check up on you at the end of the day."

    a doctor saying, "i'm sorry, i have some bad news."

    Is there anything else that you think looks cool in movies but isn't in real life?