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    I Tried Jennifer Lopez's Workout Routine For A Week, And Not To Be Dramatic, But Damn

    I did not know it was physically possible to feel this sore.

    Hi! I'm Fabiana, and I'm someone who genuinely loves taking care of my body through exercising and eating well. I also am always on the hunt for the next workout class, trainer, or workout regimen that I could try to keep things interesting.

    The author at the gym
    Fabiana Buontempo / Via Instagram

    I tend to get bored easily when it comes to my workouts. Plus, as they say to do, I always want to keep my muscles guessing. So one month I might be super into a specific Instagram trainer's live workouts, and then the next month I'm looking for a new virtual workout class that I could try.

    I tend to lean towards strength-training workouts, usually working different body parts on different days. I'm not a big fan of cardio, but I try to occasionally do a HIIT-style workout to get my heart rate up and break a serious sweat.

    In addition to loving workouts, I'm also fascinated by other people's workout routines, especially celebrities.


    (I know celebs have trainers and personal chefs, but that doesn't take away from them still having put in actual sweat and tears to achieve their physical goals, IMO.)

    To get me out of my workout rut and to switch things up, I figured I'd do a little digging and find a celebrity workout to try out for a week. I came across Jennifer Lopez's routine, read through it, gasped a little — and then figured it was (probably) just the challenge that my body needed. 😅

    Quick research shows that J.Lo does a mix of workouts and partners with several different trainers — which I really liked, because it was similar to how I approach working out too. According to one of her trainers, Dodd Romero, the singer trains for about an hour, four to five times a week, and she focuses on different body parts for each workout.

    I decided to do five days of consecutive workouts followed by two days of rest. Each day would focus on a different body part.

    The week would go like this:

    Monday: Lower Body

    Tuesday: Abs

    Wednesday: Upper Body

    Thursday: Upper Body (again)

    Friday: Full Body

    Saturday: Rest Day

    Sunday: Rest Day

    DAY ONE: It was time to get started! First up for the week? A lower-body workout.

    DAY TWO: Getting out of bed was definitely a struggle this morning. But I knew I had to push myself and get my legs (still Jello-like from the previous day) out of bed and get to work. Abs day was here.

    The author taking a selfie in the mirror on Day 2
    Fabiana Buontempo

    J.Lo has some of the best abs in the business, so I figured her ab routine was going to be a struggle and...I was right. 😬 Another one of the singer's trainers, David Kirsch, has her do 30-second planks on a medicine ball, so I started today's ab session with this move, which was probably a mistake, since it was a really tough one.

    More details on Jennfier's ab workout are spelled out in Hello!, but she apparently does a set of 50 hanging ab raises and 50 inclined sit ups with a 45-pound plate. The other 2 sets consisted of the same exercises but with 35 reps, and then 21 reps.

    The moral of this particular workout? I never knew my abs could burn this bad.

    DAY THREE: By Wednesday, everything from my abs down was sore and tired. Honestly, the last thing I wanted to do was continue the week of workouts.

    NBC / Via

    Is it sad that it had only been two days, and I was ready to throw in the towel? But in an ode to Jenny, I slowly but surely made my way to my workout area to do the singer's upper-body workout.

    For Upper Body day, Jennifer does dumbbell rows to work the back and tricep extensions to exhaust the back of the arms, according to trainer Kirsch. From there, I also did everything from shoulder taps to overhead slams modified with a dumbbell.

    The author looking tired after a workout
    Fabiana Buontempo

    These moves were a bit different from the type of exercises I typically do, but I surprisingly appreciated the intensity of them. In short, they definitely checked the box for working up a sweat.

    Although I just about complained through every workout this week, I have to admit I was feeling strong and quite accomplished for making it through almost a full week of Lopez's intense workout routine.

    View this video on YouTube / Via YouTube

    Today's workout had me complete another upper-body workout that involved a lot of pushups, planks, bicep curls, and chest flies.

    DAY FIVE: By the end of the week, I was feeling motivated and ready to finish Lopez's routine strong. Don't get me wrong: My body was *extremely* achy, but I got out of bed and powered through to complete the singer's total body workout, which actually turned out to be the toughest one of the week.

    The author taking a selfie on Day 5
    Fabiana Buontempo

    Save the best for last, right?? 😅The final workout of this week was pretty brutal, since all of the moves simultaneously worked multiple muscle groups. The four-circuit workout consisted of squats with rows, into a bicep curl with a resistance band, tricep extensions also with the resistance band, torso rotation with a resistance band held out front, and lastly, side planks and sumo squats while holding a medicine ball in front of the chest.

    I did my best to do the moves for one minute each as instructed, but I had to take a few breaks to give my muscles a rest before continuing. It was definitely a struggle, but I was happy I finished on a strong note.



    Overall, I'm really happy that I tried J.Lo's workout routine for the week. Don't get me wrong, every workout was a new (and often difficult) challenge and brought on very sore muscles — but I was proud of myself for stepping out of my fitness comfort zone. I did exercises that I normally wouldn't have ever done, I utilized my resistance bands more than I ever have, and I have a newfound respect for how hard Lopez works in the gym. It's NOT easy, to say the least.

    Last but not least? A few final takeaways that I want to call out:

    Have you ever tried a celebrity workout before? Which one(s) have you loved — or hated? Do you have a suggestion for one I should try next? Share in the comments! 💪