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    24 Things To Do When You're Bored Online

    Bored? Procrastinating? Got time to kill? If you have access to the Internet, any and all of these things will entertain you for HOURS.

    1. Play the Wiki Game.

    2. Chat with Cleverbot.

    3. Play an updated, multiplayer version of Snake with

    4. Put your face on your pet's face.

    5. Play the greatest, most addictive game of all time.

    6. Listen to a funny podcast.

    7. Go to XKCD, click "random," and read smart, hilarious comics for hours.

    8. Watch free documentaries online.

    9. Travel down a Wikipedia rabbit hole or two.

    10. Turn yourself into a Manga character.

    11. Try to stump the amazing Akinator, who can guess any character you are thinking of.

    12. Watch all of the best and most interesting TED talks in a playlist.

    13. Play an incredibly addictive game where you guess locations in the world from Streetview pictures.

    14. Read some of the most interesting answers to some of the most interesting questions.

    15. Try to survive this fun, funny, interactive Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy game.

    16. Listen to different radio stations around the world from different eras.

    17. Take a quiz to find out your true Myers-Briggs personality type.

    18. Look up your full natal chart to understand your astrological personality beyond just your sun sign.

    19. Watch Earth from the International Space Station

    20. Discover your Love Language.

    21. Read inspiring, funny, moving, and powerful letters from interesting people.

    22. Figure out your birthday song.

    23. Or if all else fails, just go to Bobbi Babalooney's website.

    24. Now take a moment to slow down and relax. You deserve it.