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Jack's Favorite Buzz Of 2011

These are the Internet things that made me happiest this year. Most of them are pretty silly and nerdy, and none of them are cats because I already did "best cats." Enjoy, and Happy New Year. :)

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The Nerd Map Of New York City

Tanner and I made this after a friend and I visited the spot of Stephen King's Dark Tower on 53rd Street and decided that the world needed a tourist guide to the imaginary underbelly of New York.

[Click For Larger]


This Letter That Dave Grohl Wrote When He Was 15

A lovely reminder that it is always worth the effort to make stuff.


That Time Barack Obama Made Fun Of Donald Trump And Ended His Political Career

And then interrupted Celebrity Apprentice to announce that he'd killed bin Laden.

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How Was This Discovered?

Seriously, how was this discovered?


The Cast Of Doctor Who Reading Celebrity Tweets In American Accents

I love that I got to interview the cast of my favorite show, and I love that we got to ask them stupid, funny, interesting questions instead of boring journalist-y questions about the show, and I love that they responded so well. I think this came out pretty great.


If Harry Potter Had An MBA

Born of a completely absurd discussion about what kind of books the marketing and social media professionals of the wizarding world might write and beautifully brought to life by Amy Sly.


That Time An Ad Agency Made The Most Ill-Advised Promo Video Of All Time

I have a thing for PR disasters. This one was particularly special.

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Kingdom Rush

Don't play this game right now. Finish reading the post, then play this game. Because it will require all of your attention for the next 10 hours or so. (Assuming you enjoy awesome Tower Defense Flash games.)


14 Punctuation Marks You Never Knew Existed

This was informative, both in the sense of learning about punctuation esoterica, but also in the sense of discovering that a lot of people are genuinely, unapologetically interested in punctuation esoterica.


Plastic Bag Sabotages News Report


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Voldemort's Awkward Hug


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The Finnish Surprise Party Autotune

It's better without any context.

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Bad Lip Reading With Rick Perry

And, honestly, anything that Bad Lip Reading did this year.

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The Tragedy Of Doctor Mario

I was finally able to get this off my chest this year, with a huge amount of help from Andrea Hickey.


Then And Meow

Click through for 14 more of these. (I know - I said no cats. I lied.)


The Definitive List Of Animals Slaughtered By Mark Zuckerberg

Mostly this was just silly, but also, you know, making a little bit of a point.

[Full List]

And Finally ...


The Top 10 Greatest Nickelback Songs

And its companion piece, The Top 10 Greatest t.A.T.u. Songs. These were not my most popular posts by a long shot, but they are among my favorites, because they never (well, rarely) give away the joke, which is a thing that is a very fun thing to do on the Internet if you have the opportunity.

[Full List]

All in all, a pretty great year for buzz. Happy New Year, friends. Thanks for helping to make this website awesome.

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