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Pete Davidson Expertly Parodied An Eminem Song On "SNL," And The Real Slim Shady Himself Made An Appearance

Will the Real Slim Shady please show up on SNL? Yes.

After a brief hiatus, Saturday Night Live was back last night with host Jason Bateman and musical guest Morgan Wallen.


Jason Bateman made some valid points, and Morgan Wallen played himself in a sketch about partying during the pandemic.

It was a great episode to kick off the holiday season, but the absolute highlight was "Stu," a parody of Eminem's 2000 hit "Stan," starring Pete Davidson.


Is it just me, or has this been a really good season for Pete? Let's recall "Stuck in the House," his pandemic lockdown bop.

"Stan" tells the pretty upsetting story of Stanley, an obsessed Eminem fan who writes him many unanswered letters to disastrous consequences. The character is voiced by Eminem and physically played by actor Devon Sawa.


The song is also why we started using "stan" as a term to refer to overly obsessive fans.

SNL's version starred Stu (played by Pete), a young man who obsessively writes letters to Santa Claus because, duh, it's the holidays and he wants a gift.


What does Stu want for Christmas? A PS5, naturally.

The whole thing was a masterpiece full of ~cinematic parallels~.


Here's Kate McKinnon as singer Dido, who is featured on the original song.

NBC, Interscope

Also present was Bowen Yang as Elton John, who had nothing to do with the original but provided a fun little touch of absurdity.


Best of all, the Real Slim Shady himself made a quick cameo to finish off the sketch, decked out in all his Christmas sweater glory.


Fans loved everything about it, and rightfully heaped on the praise via YouTube comments.

YouTube / NBC / Via

Here are both videos, so you can see for yourself how perfect of a parody this is.

View this video on YouTube

NBC / Via

View this video on YouTube

Interscope / Via

Many thanks to everyone at SNL who took part in creating this little bit of holiday magic.


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