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The Cast Of "Mean Girls" Reuinited Virtually For "Mean Girls" Day And It Was So Fetch

"Cady and Aaron are Facebook friends, I don't think they ended up together."

In case you didn't know, yesterday, Oct. 3, was Mean Girls Day.

October 3rd scene from Mean Girls

This year, Mean Girls Day happened exactly one month before the US election, so the cast reunited virtually with Katie Couric to reminisce about the movie and encourage everybody to vote.

It was the first time the whole cast had been together since the film premiered in 2004, and pretty much everyone was there.

Mean girls cast reuniting in 2020

Rachel McAdams couldn't join the call with the rest of the cast, but she did talk to Katie about her memories from filming the movie.

Rachel McAdams in Mean Girls

According to Lindsay, she really wanted to play Regina since she'd already played a high school outsider in Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen. Ultimately though, she felt a connection with Cady and the rest is history.

Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls

Daniel Franzese and Rajiv Surendra talked about the impact that the film had on their lives.

Damian and Kevin G in Mean Girls

Tina Fey gave an update on the movie adaptation of the Mean Girls musical, which in turn is an adaptation of the movie. She also weighed in on whether or not Cady and Aaron are still together.

Aaron and Cady in Mean Girls

Finally, the cast urged everybody to vote next month, because in the words of Gretchen herself, "That would be so fetch."

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