Kim Kardashian Roasted Her Whole Family On "SNL," Including Kourtney Kardashian And Travis Barker's PDA

    I cannot believe anyone made it through the Travis Barker line with a straight face.

    Kim Kardashian hosted SNL last night, in case ya didn't know.

    The biggest moment of the episode was probably her opening monologue, which was great, but I need to direct your attention to what was actually the best sketch of the night.

    Kim sitting in the judge's chair with the caption "Order, order in the Kourtney. I'm good at this"

    "The People's Kourt" starred Kim as her sister Kourtney, and was about the family's next hypothetical TV project, a courtroom show presided over by the oldest Kardashian sibling.

    "Kourtney" presided over several disputes between her famous family members, starting with Khloé and "Kim," who were fighting over a makeup artist.

    Kim covered from head to toe

    Kris Jenner also showed up to sue her youngest daughters, Kendall and Kylie, for not doing their part to uphold the family brand.

    The fake Kendall says "I'm a Jenner, not a Kardashian"

    Kanye was also there (by way of Chris Redd) to hash out some issues with his (ex?) wife.

    Kanye speaks while wearing a puffer jacket

    Things got real wacky when Kourtney's boyfriend Travis Barker showed up and started packing on the PDA.

    Judge Kourtney asks "Will you drum 'All the small things' on my ass when we get home'?"

    And of course, Kourtney had to include her new BFFs on her show, so we also got to see Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox.

    Megan asks "Wait, why are we best friends" to which Kourntey replies "Because our boyfriends have tattoos for necks"

    I mean, no difference whatsoever.

    The real Megan and MGK touching tongues vs the SNL version of the couple about to touch tongues

    Finally, Judge Kourtney heard a complaint from a former family friend:

    OJ asks how come he doesn't get invited by the family to anything any more

    It really seems like Kim's response when she was asked to host SNL was, "Sure, but only if I get to make fun of my whole family."

    You can see the whole sketch right here:

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